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Does your daughter tell you in what way is her teacher mean to her? Does the teacher pick on her? Does she say mean things to her? Does she physically hurt her? You need to ask your daughter these questions. If your daughter is crying in the morning, not wanting to go to school and it is because of her teacher, then you need to go talk to the teacher and the principle as well. Always believe what your daughter is telling you until proven otherwise, because if your daughter is being abused at school, I would hate for you to trust whatever the teacher is telling you over your own daughter's claims.

Just try to be sensible about it.

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It sounds to me like she's lost her imagination and excitement about schooling. Imagination fuels excitement (even for adults). A child saying a teacher is "mean" may be literal (the teacher really is mean!), but it might be that the teacher has somehow offended your child's sense of imagination and what makes her excited to be at school.

I doubt she cries "all day" at school, or the teacher/principal would have called you before.

I would talk to the teacher / principal and try to encourage the teacher to pinpoint what turned your daughter's interests away from school. Once you know what triggered it, you three might find ways to encourage your daughter's excitement to attend school again.

I would strongly discourage you from over-emphasizing the "mean" narrative with your child about the teacher. Instead, look for ways to support both your child and her teacher as you and your child talk. Remember, you do not need to "make everything better", but rather, get Imagination to peek back out again so your child's own Imagination can find a solution.

I know this sounds unusual. Just think about it.

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