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You can sue the other party. It would be a civil case for breach of contract.

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Q: What can you do for a breach of a contract?
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Related questions

Does breach of contract void a contract?

A breach of contract does not void the entire contract. It can still be enforced.

Does any breach of contract allow the non breaching party to cancel the contract?

Not every breach allows a contract to be cancelled. It has to be a material breach.

What is the difference between breach of contract and discharge of contract?

Discharged mean terminated. A contract can be discharged by -performance -frustration -Agreement between the parties and -breach If there is a breach of terms of the contract, a contract can be discharged.

What is the opposite of obeying a contract?

breach of contract

What is theDifference between breach of contract and discharge of a contract?

breach is a form of discharge. Generally, a discharge is when a contract ends for any reason. A breach is when one of the parties does not perform under the contract. Breach could lead to discharge, rescission, or damages, or nothing.

What is a breech of contract?

A "breach of contract" is when you sign a contract to do or not do something, and then break the contract.

What if a contract condition is not met?

lawsuit for breach of contract

What is the statute of limitations for breach of contract in Virginia?

The statute of limitation for breach of contract in Virginia is 3 years for an oral contract. It is 5 years for a written contract.

Can you Explain Breach of Contract?

breach of contract is when you sign an agreementment with someone to do something in such a time and you don't do it are finish it in time.

Is it a breach of contract if there is no specification of date to perform in the contract?

if there is no date specify this does not mean there is a breach. for a breach to occur one of the parties to a contract must not have fully performed their obligations. if there is no date specified in the contract the courts will apply a reasonable date

What would be a violation of tort and breach of contract?

first of all violation of tort cannot happen because tort itself is civil wrong. secondly breach of contract of contract will lead to discharge of contract. If one party performs his part of duty and the other refuses to perform then it is said to be breach of contract. there are remedies for the breach of contract which the aggreived party may claim.

What is Breach Of Contract?

A breach of contract in legal terms amounts to a broken promise to do or not do an act. Breaches of a contract are single, occurring at a single point in time, or continuing breaches. A lawsuit for breach of contract is a civil action and the remedies awarded are designed to place the injured party in the position they would be in if not for the breach

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