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I found a baby mouse in a field when they were clearing a lot of trees, and I brought it home and fed it warm milk, tiny bit of honey and dipped the end of a clean washcloth in the milk. I kept the mouse in cotton in a deep box. I also gave the mouse water the same way I gave it milk. It's a baby so it won't be moving around too much. The other poster gave you some good hints and it would be wise to at least take the mouse to the vets to be sure it doesn't have a disease (I highly doubt it) or it isn't suffering. If the vet gives it a clean bill of health then just follow the above instructions. Once the mouse has grown hair and it's starting to gnaw the cardboard box (don't need a lid on it if it's deep enough then it's time to set it free in a field to fend for itself. Yes, it may be diseased and you may have been exposed. I'd take the animal to a lab and find out if I've been exposed to anything. There is a very good reason that people kill mice. The diseases that they carry can be dangerous to humans.

2006-07-28 18:59:45
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