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It means it is healing

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Q: What can you do for mouth itch after a tooth extraction?
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Can you eat a sandwich after a tooth extraction?

It would depend on where the tooth was extracted from in your mouth. It is possible to eat a sandwich if you can chew on the opposite side of the extraction.

What are some of the possible complications of tooth extraction?

There are several possible complications that can arise from a tooth extraction. If the tooth was not extracted properly there may be small bit of the tooth left behind in the gum. A tooth extraction could also lead to an infection in the mouth, as when a tooth is extracted, there will be open skin for germs to enter,

How can your mouth still hurt three months after a tooth extraction?

the nerve is not dead

Bad taste in mouth after tooth extraction?

Typically, the bad taste in your mouth after a tooth extraction is just blood. In order to get rid of the taste, gargle with some salt water and spit. Repeat the process until the taste disappears.

Does the hole from the tooth extraction stink?

If a tooth is extracted because of severe decay, then yes, the decay will stink. But you can rinse your mouth.

Can you smoke after a tooth extraction?

No you can't like you can't eat candy after you get your mouth done.

Can you use alcohol free mouthwash instead of salt water to rinse mouth after tooth extraction?

Following a tooth extraction, it is recommended that you cleanse your mouth with a mild saline solution as opposed to a chemical mouthwash, with or without alcohol. The salt water will not irritate the open lesion from the extraction like a chemical cocktail would.

Tooth socket black after tooth extraction?

Smoking after tooth extraction can cause this. Get it checked by a dentist.

What if you rinsed several hours after tooth extraction?

If you had formed a blood clot rinsing your mouth will destroy it and cause the area where the dentist did the extraction to bleed again

How much for a tooth extraction in the UK?

Tooth Extraction in United Kingdom - $130

Why do people get liver blood clots in their mouth after a tooth ext?

Because the extraction site in the mouth is healing, and the liver clot is a way of healing it.

What about wisdom tooth extraction?

During this type of extraction, an oral surgeon will cut into the gum line to expose the tooth, from which point the extraction is performed much in the same way as a simple tooth extraction.

Can you drink alcohol after on the second day after wisdom tooth extraction?

The second day after a wisdom tooth extraction, the wounds are still healing. Drinking alcohol is not recommended until the mouth has completely healed from the wisdom teeth extractions.

Is it safe to take Aleve after tooth extraction?

Is it safe to take aleve after tooth extraction?

Is wisdom tooth extraction reduces mind?

is wisdom tooth extraction reuces mind

Why does pain move from the extacted tooth in the back to the front teeth after extraction?

Maybe it has to do with the placement of nerves in you're mouth?

Can a upper tooth extraction effect sinus?

Yes, the extraction of an upper tooth can affect the sinuses.

Is it ok to smoke while healing abscess in mouth?

No it is not ok. It is preferable not to smoke when you have an infection in your mouth. But if you have a tooth extraction, you cannot smoke for at least 72 hours.

can you use mouth wash when the tooth extraction is not heal yet?

After extraction, for the 24h patient should avoidmouth-washing,very hot fluids, alcohol and strenuousexercise. After 24h, carry out saltwater mouth-wash or mouth wash that contain chlorhexidine gluconate ( Corsodyl ). Gently swish the liquid in your mouth.

Is it normal for your breath to smell after a tooth extraction?

If your breath smells unusually bad you might have an infection in the socket where your tooth was extracted. You should call your dentist if your breath smells. Your mouth might taste bad too. The day of the extraction your mouth will taste bad and your breath will smell bad but it will usually smell like gauze and blood. Make sure you wash your hands before and after changing the gauze, before you eat, and any time your hands are going to touch your mouth. (I am not a dentist. I have had an infected socket after a tooth extraction.)

Can I eat after tooth extraction?

You can definitely eat after a tooth extraction. You should eat liquid or very soft foods on the opposite side of the extraction.

What are some good medicines to help with pain after tooth extraction?

just put alcohol on a cotton ball and stick it in your mouth

What can you drink after tooth extraction?

as soon as you wake up from your tooth extraction you can drink. hope that helps makkaattack

How do you make a puss pimple on the line of your mouth go away?

Is it inside your mouth? If so, it's probably due to a tooth abscess. See your dentist - you probably need antibiotics and either a root canal or extraction of the infected tooth.

Can you get a massage after your tooth extraction?