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What can you do for your 13 birthday party if you don't want to have a pool or bowling or a skating party please help your b-days in 14 days?


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May 27, 2008 9:26PM

Ok, so you're not into that type of game, that's cool. Try making a carnival in the back yard. There's horseshoes (a really old game, it's marksmanship with real weights), and old fashioned lawn darts, and bobbing for apples (try bobbing for mixed fruit, with points for getting the orange), relay races, and of course, a hot dog roast...get Dad to fire up the grill so you can do marshmallows too. Or go retro...ask permission to build a small fire and use old coat hangars for the marshmallows. Take the CD box outside and get the guys to dance. Ask to make hand cranked ice cream. It's hard to crank the ice cream maker...and I bet nobody's done that one! Then have your ice cream on the cake. Do a "birthday hunt". It's kinda like an Easter Egg hunt, but you hide prizes like light sticks and the big prize is a CD. Or you could get your friends to do some volunteer work for your birthday. Find out if you could clean up the local park, then have a cook out there. After all, you're 13 now, so you can do some adult things...and volunteering is a really cool adult thing to do. Or maybe help Mrs. Smith down the street with her yard work. With your crew, it wouldn't take but a couple of hours to do her yard, you know...and you'd feel really good about doing something for your neighbor.