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Then you have a good argument to get the claim paid. For more info see

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Q: What can you do if a death claim is denied because the company found out that the insured was HIV positive but the insured did not know?
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What if an insurance claim is denied because the company found out that the applicant was HIV positive when they passed?

When they passed what? The question is probably, what if the application is denied, because of a medical problem? If that happens try another company. Do you mean if the applicant lied on their application? Then see For more info see

How Do you Get Rid Of The Access Denied policy denied error?

This is because your company uses a software that blocks certain websites set by network administrator..

Is there a deadline for billing an insured for services denied by an insurance company?

Yes. If the medical provider wants to challenge the denial then the medical provider must submit his request for reconsideration within a certain time limit. The bill-er would have to contact the insurance company to find out when the time limit ends and if the denied claim can be re-billed with special documentation.

How do you use bureaucratic in a sentence?

She was denied coverage because of some bureaucratic mix up with her insurance company.

Can you be denied homeowners insurance because you have backyard chickens?

Every Insurance company has it's own underwriting guidelines. So it just depends on the company.

How can company black ball employee from getting another job because Workmens comp was denied?

when you apply for jobs the company advised the other company verbally that your a bad employee and make recommendations not to hire you .

Do you need a lawyer to file a claim on home owners insurance?

No, If you are the insured and you have suffered a loss all you do is call your insurer and file a loss notice. If the loss is covered under the terms of your policy then your company will repair your damages. If you are talking about a disagreement with a claim that your company denied due to no coverage then you might seek the advice of an attorney, But just to file a claim no, you should not need an attorney. Remember that if it is your insurance policy then you are the insured. So to sue the company might require that you sue yourself, which is not possible.

What is a sentence for the word denied?

He was denied access to the Infinite Stratos because he is a MAN!

Is denied a verb?

yes denied is a verb because you are saying no to it Example:She denied it. see verb

Can Edison deny you service because landlord owes then for unpaid bill?

Is Edison the Electric Company? If so then no, you can't be denied electric service simply because the landlord, or anyone else who lived there before you, owes the electric company money.

What recourse do I have when a doctor sends me a bill for a procedure because the insurance company has denied coverage for what I think is a bogus rationale?

Take the Insurance company to court. The Doctor has to be paid by some one. and in the end it is you that is responsible for this.

Can you be denied a green card if you have bipolar disorder?

No, you can not be denied a green card because you have bipolar disorder.

Why were slaves denied the right to an education?

slaves were denied the right to an education because of there indentured status.

If birth year is wrong will life insurance claim be denied?

If the birth year is wrong this needs to be brought to the insuring company's attention immediately as the rates and policy are based in part on the age and health condition of the insured. If incorrect information is listed on the policy then that could be grounds for denial of coverage. If a claim is denied because the birth year was answered incorrectly, for any reason, you still have a valid claim. You should contact The Center for Life Insurance Disputes for free counseling.

Which car company denied to make a car to England queen?


Can a minor be denied his right of life insurance because he committed attempted suicide?

Logically, he should not be denied his right of life insurance,even after his act of attempted suicide.But if there was police case,it's better to reveal the fact in the proposal form for consideration of the Insurance Company.

What is the wording in a non waiver agreement?

a non waiver agreement is a bi-lateral agreement between an Insured(policy holder) and the insuror(ins company) alerting both of a POSSIBLE coverage issue. This document is typically executed with the Insured prior to commencing with an investigation into an insurance claim the insured has submitted for coverage. The purpose of the non-waiver is to place the Insured on notice of potential coverage issue(s) that will be sorted out by the ins. co as the investigation proceeds. In a practical sense, it avoids the senario of the insured ASSUMING coverage is afforded for a submitted loss/claim and then subsequently finding out days, weeks or perhaps months later that coverage was denied based upon what was revealed during the investigation. A Resevation of Rights accomplishes similar but is more forceful.

Can you be denied health insurance if you had a driving under the influence ticket?

Absolutely - the insurance company would view you as a 'high risk' because of your DUI. Any insurance company can refuse to insure you - they don't have to give a reason !

Why were women denied in the past and still today?

Women were denied in the past because it was believed that they were not as intelligent as men. This is because women were not allowed to have the same educations as a man. Nowadays, women should not be denied just for being females because that is considered discrimination. It does still happen, but it is against the law.

If you are denied by a life insurance company will there be others that may insure you?

Yes, but it makes it more difficult to find them once you have been denied. This is why you should always work with a broker!

How soon does a beneficiary get paid by insurance?

You contact the life insurance company and tell the representative that you want to file a claim. They will want you to provide a death certificate and identification. The death benefit will be paid typically within 60 days. If the insured died within two years of applying for the life insurance policy, the insurance company may investigate and this investigation could easily take 2-3 years or more. If the insured committed suicide, the insurance company will not pay the death benefit if the suicide occurred during the "suicide period" which is typically the first two years after the policy initiation. A beneficiary who contributed to the insured's death will most likely get nothing. A beneficiary who contributed to the insured's death by accident will most likely receive the benefit, but not always. If the accident occurred while the beneficiary was committing a crime, even if the death was an accident, the claim for the death benefit will likely be denied.

How do you appeal when the car insurance company finds you at fault and you are not?

Please give me more information, and I'm sure I can help. Facts of loss? Exact reason they denied your claim? They must give you the reason that your claim was denied, or that you were found neglient. You can file with your company then they can arbitrate the claim for a decision, you can contact the dept of insurance for your state. You can file suit (small claims if under the limit), if you secure a judgment against their insured they will have to pay, (barring any appeals of course), but need to know the reason for denial, to be of real help to you.

why a claim be denied because of obesity code?

Unlocking the secret of weight

3 reasons for denied credit Illegally?

because ..

Will a SNAP application be denied because of assets?

You will get approved as long as you have the ability to work again, if you become disabled they will disqualify you and you will be denied SNAP.