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the main thing for you to do is to let your bank know of the theft. if the police won't act, thee is little you can do. If the their forges your name, under most circumstances, you cannot be held responsible. E Terrill Corley * There must be mitigating circumstances for the police to refuse to take action against the accused person(s), if by action what is meant is a report is taken. The police will not arrest someone based on the statement of the account holder, but will file a report with the prosecutor's office for further investigation. The account holder should notify the bank within the specified time. The bank will not take action unless the account holder agrees to testify for the prosecution against the named person(s) who alledgedly committed the act if it should become necessary.

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Q: What can you do if someone steals checks from your checkbook and forges them if the police will not get involved?
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