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What can you do if something was added to a stipulation and judgment after you signed it?

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Take To Civil Court. Take This To Your County Attorney Discuss This With Him. GOOD LUCK * Judgments are not signed by the defendant/debtor unless what is being referred to is the Acknowledgement of Satisfaction Judgment. If an agreement was signed to settle or pay in full a judgment and the agreement was altered without the participation of the debtor, then the agreement is null and void. If the defendant believes an agreement has been altered he or she should seek legal counsel. Court clerks, judges, state attorneys will not assist the defendant with such a matter other than referring the person to private attorneys or legal aid organizations that accept persons who have limited financial resources.

2006-08-14 12:48:07
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"Judgment-proof" means that even if a plaintiff obtains its civil judgment against its defendant, the defendant has no assets from on which the court can levy in proceedings in aid of execution to satisfy the judgment. It also generally implies that as a result the defendant is not worth being sued, because the possibility of ultimately recovering a money judgment is nil.Added: There is no such legal principle as judgment proof. It is not a defense to a lawsuit. One can obtain a judgment against a defendant, regardless of the ability to collect the judgment. Plaintiffs often choose to proceed against defendants who appear to be judgment proof because they believe that the defendant will eventually have assets or income against which to collect.You are correct. The status of being judgment-proof is as a matter of fact and not a matter of law. Which is why I used the word "implied" and not the word "holds". Therefore, it is legal to the extent that as a matter of fact the judgment cannot be satisfied.

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