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are you sure you want a guy that likes someone other then his girlfriend. lets say the guy and your friend break up and you and the guy get together then another one of your friend comes along and he likes her instead of you. how would you feel? i think you should tell your friend about it.

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Q: What can you do if the boy you like and he likes you back has a girlfriend that is your friend?
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Your best friend likes you and you like her back but you have a girlfriend?

If you like your best friend , tell it to your girlfriend para Hindi na masaktan pa Yung girlfriend

What do you do if you like your best friend and he likes you back and he has a girlfriend?

Tell him if he truly likes you he'll break up with her.

What do you do when you like your best friend's ex-girlfriend and she likes you back?


What should i do when i have a girlfriend and i like my Friend?

If you are serious about the relationship and like your girlfriend more than the friend, then ignore the feelings and get over it. If you like the friend more than your girlfriend and the friend likes you, then possibly end the relationship and start a new one with your "friend". Don't be scared to break up with your girlfriend and end up cheating on her. Just remember, if you like your girlfriend more, ignore the feelings and move on; and if you like the friend more and the friend likes you, end the relationship.

What do you do if you have a friend that has a girlfriend but likes you maybe?

Do you like her?

What do you do if you like a guy but he likes your friend?

If your friend likes him back, back down. Risking your friendship is not worth it. If he likes you both, but your friend doesn't like him, tell him. If he ONLY likes your friend, don't do it, as he'll use you to get to your friend.

What happens when your best friend likes your girlfriend?

Actually I'm a girl , but if my best friend likes my boyfriend I will hit her, I will punch her, and I will destroy her life because she knows that he is my boyfriend but why she telling me that she likes my boyfriend, were friends but why she is like that

What if the boy you like has a girlfriend and you thinkhe likes you?

talk to him or get a friend to see if he likes you

How to get boy that you like if he likes you a bit but he's can't go out with you because he still likes his ex girlfriend and because his best friend likes you?

just go out who the one you like they cant hold you back girl Go for it!

What do you do if your best friend likes you but you have a girlfriend?

you need to tell your best friend that you do not like them that way.

What do you say to your crush that likes you back?

I like this girl whos friend came and asked me if i liked my crush, which from my experience means that my crush likes me. WHAT DO I DO???? IM 13 this is my first oppotunity to get a girlfriend that i like. HELP!!

He doesnt like me in that way.... what does it mean?

It means He likes you like a Friend, not a GirlFriend.

What do you do if you like a boy that likes your friend?

talk to your friend about it honey, if she likes him back off

You like a boy but his friend likes you what do i do?

it depends if the boy you like likes you back.

What does it mean when a guy guys he likes you a little?

it might mean that he doesn't want to tell you that he likes you or that he likes you as a friend not a girlfriend. but to find out if he likes you maybe ask his friend if he talks about you or who does he like.

I like this boy and he likes me back but my friends are telling me he has a girlfriend and he says he don't have a girl friend?

If you like this boy and he likes you back then love is in the air. But if your friends say he has a girl friend then you should ask this guy and make sure he is telling you the truth. Who knows? Maybe your friends are right maybe he just liar. Friend are like family they want you happy.

How do you tell if your girlfriend's friend likes you?

If you don't know if your girlfriend likes you then you need to get to know each other better because she should like you before you become girlfriend and boyfriend.....

How can you get boyfriends?

if you like a guy and he likes you back . i no its awkward to ask a guy if he likes you so you get a friend to go talk to him and if hes says he doesn like you tell your friend to tell him then you should ask her out if he say okay the say yes and go on a date with him then tell your friend that he has u to be his girlfriend then you say yes but if when your friend asks the dude if he likes you and he says no im sry but theres nothimg you can do

What do you do if you love your best friend but you have a girlfriend?

Well, it depends on if you like your girlfriend, if your best friend is a girl, then trust me she should like you back.

If your guy friend has a girlfriend but he likes you and you like him to will he ask you out?

Well not likely unless he breaks up with his girlfriend first.

What do you do if you really like this guy but your friend likes him too and you think that guy likes your friend back?

Ask him if he likes your friend and if he doesn't, then you ask him out or something like that, but if he does, hook them up and be happy that they are happy.

How can your ex girlfriend's best friend help you get back with her if she knows you still like your ex?

It depends on if your ex still likes you and if her friend is willing to help. If she is, then ask her to talk you ex into giving you a second chance.

Can your guy friend like you even though he has a girlfriend?

Yip as long as he likes u as a friend and not as his 'bit on the side' :/

How can you tell if your best guy friend likes you but he already has a girlfriend?

You call him your best guy friend, but if you don't know whether he likes you or not, he's just a guy that you like a lot. If he already has a girlfriend, he likes her more than he likes you. That doesn't mean he doesn't like you. If you remain friends with him, and he doesn't remain such good friends with his girlfriend, he may decide that he wants you to be his girlfriend. Of course, by that time, you may already have another boyfriend who is better than he.

What should you do if a girl tells you she likes you and you like her back yet your parents do not want you to have a girlfriend?

Ok look my friend has kind the same problem only with my friend he has a girl he likes but his mom doesn't want him to have a girl friend in till he is 16 this is what I told him and this is what will tell you wait that's all you can do is wait