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Probably old or defective ignition wiring. Replace spark plug and distributor wires.

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Q: What can you do if the car doesn't start on a rainy cold day?
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How to start car in cold?

A car that is working properly should start the same regardless of cold.

Why will a car not start after sitting a while?

More information is needed, such as, the year, make and model. Is it when the car is cold or hot,rainy or dry weather, gas tank full or half full. The are to many possibilities.

Why is it difficult to start your car when it is cold?

The cold weather makes it harder for the battery to provide amperage to start the car.

What is Warm start and cold-start?

warm start is when your car has already been started an is hot, a cold start is wheen you have just started the car for the first time of the day, or month....

Car will not start in cold weather?

batteries are rated by their number of cold cranking amps or CCAs the battery you have in your car is either bad or does not have enough CCAs to start a cold engine

Can the solenoid be the problem why your car doesn't start?

If it doesnt turn over it can be

How do you know when your timing belt has stopped working?

Car Doesnt Start

Would a bad O2 sensor make the car not start at all?

no if the car doesnt start check the battery and the alternator and the starter.

Will a car start if the radiator fan doesnt work?

The car will start. If it is malfunctioning, then the car will overheat. If the car overheats, it may not start again for awhile as a safety feature, or it may not start because of heat damage. On newer cars if the car is cold, then the electric fan will turn off. It only turns on when the antifreeze needs cooling. On older belt-driven fans, the fan runs all the time.

Why wont my car start when its rainy outside?

check and make sure water is not getting in ur alternater cap

Your car starts right away when cold but when its warm it sometimes doesnt start and when it does you need to give it gas what is causing this problem?

I dont know what kind of car u are talking about,but it souns like it could be the coolant temp sensor.

How do you start a car that doesnt want to start?

my car does not start it stalled once i started then stalled and started again drove home then it diddnt start at all.. fuel pump not priming either

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