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Check and see if any of the branches are bent in a distorted way, your problem could be coming from spider mites. You also will see little bumps or black insect in this area. then if it is apparrent, go to local nursery for insecticide.

2006-11-06 16:21:14
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What kind of tree keeps it needles all year?

An evergreen tree, pine, christmas, you get the picture.

What evergreen has long needles and does not shed its needles?

The pine tree.

What do evergreen trees have that diciduous do not have?


Are evergreen needles edible?

no you will get sick

What are the charicteristics of evergreen trees?


What is the name of trees that do not lose its needles?


What are the leaves of conifers like?

Needles, usually "evergreen".

Should pine needles be removed from under evergreen trees?


Which evergreen has number of 2 needles to a bundle?

Scotch Pine

What kind of leafs does an evergreen tree have?

pine needles, not leaves.

Do you DECIDUOUS trees produce cones and have needles?

Needles (rather than leaves) and cones are characteristic of evergreen trees.

Why is a pine tree evergreen?

Because its needles are better adapted for the weather.

Which trees leaves do not fall?

Evergreen needles fall throughout the year so do not appear to drop their leaves as a deciduous tree does.

What is the meaning of 'needle retention'?

The ability of an evergreen to hold on to its needles is what is meant by the term "needle retention."Specifically, evergreens do lose their needles. It is just that they lose their needles, which are leafy equivalents, at a slower rate and over a longer period of time. Generally, evergreens tend to replace their needles within a three-year period.Additionally, the term may refer to the ability of an evergreen to retain its needles once the trunk has been severed. This is a particular concern in regard to Christmas since customers prefer not to buy evergreens that quickly and massively drop their needles once separated from their roots.

Do evergreen trees lose their leaves in the winter?

No. Yes there is one type of evergreen that turns golden then loses there needles every year..

What is the best compost for mini evergreen conifers?

A mulch of their own needles is actually the best for mini evergreen conifers.Specifically, evergreen conifers appreciate soils whose pH levels tend towards the acidic. In their natural settings, they benefit from the casting of their needles to the ground below. The dropped needles function as a natural mulch whereby the soil receives the slow but direct and steady release of nutrients from the needles back into the soil.

How is a Christmas tree different from a maple tree?

A Christmas tree is an evergreen that keeps its green needles all year round. A maple tree is deciduous. It loses its leaves in the autumn and is naked all winter, growing new leaves in the spring.

How can evergreen trees survive cold temperatures?

They have needles to lock in water and warmth.

How is a Christmas tree different than a maple tree?

A Christmas tree is an evergreen that keeps its green needles all year round. A maple tree is deciduous. It loses its leaves in the autumn and is naked all winter, growing new leaves in the spring.

Characteristics on coniferous forest?

evergreen, needles no leaves or branches, tall green pointy

Why do evergreen trees have needles all year round?

they get a lot of food and water from the tree.

What game are pine needles to be won from in pixie hollow?

Snowflake sweep in Evergreen Overlook

Why do coniferous forests not lose their needles?

Coniferous trees do not lose their needles because they are called "evergreen" trees which means the tree stays green for ever!

Why don't pine trees lose their needles in the fall and regrow them in the spring?

Pine trees are considered an evergreen. They shed needles like other trees lose their leaves, but never all of them and only after the second growing year. Hence the name evergreen.

Are evergreen trees green forever?

yes. Strictly speaking the leaves or needles do not survive forever but live and drop thro out the year so althought the tree appears to be evergreen it simply always has most of it's leaves or needles on all year.