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What can you do if you're 16 and have trouble finding a boyfriend even though you're attractive but after you get to know guys you end up being their friend?

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2010-03-23 10:02:53

Stop worrying about having a boyfriend. I did not really have

one until I met my husband when I was 17. Just be yourself and let

things happen naturally.

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Well i would say to you just take your time in finding a boyfriend.

if you start to become hyper focused on finding a boyfriend you

will, out of desperation, make mistakes that will haunt you for

long into your life. At sixteen you probably will not find the one

you will spend the rest of your life with. I've discovered that

most girls have the fantasy of finding their perfect guy and having

the perfect wedding. Wouldn't this great fantasy be even greater if

you can look your new husband in the eyes and honestly say to him;

I waited just for you? the best way to find the right guy for you

is to first be their friend. this helps to get to know their habits

and how they treat women. don't think of this as a curse, think of

it more as a blessing that the guys aren't trying to get in your

pants and then not talking to you. Younger guys usually don't want

to commit and older guys only want one thing from younger girls.

All of this advice is coming from a guy so you probably won't

get a straighter answer from anybody else. Just make friends

because they will be there when you have a break-up. Boyfriends

will come and go but friends are forever. Wait for a guy you know

is worth it and will treat you like the princess you are. I've had

many girlfriends in the past and my only regret is that i didn't

save myself for the princess I have today. I hope I've helped. Good


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I'm having the same problem :/ to be honest the other answers are

saying stuff like "you shouldn't expect to find the right person

straight away" and stuff like that - I'm not expecting to, its just

SO off-putting seeing all my friends happy in relationships, and it

makes you wonder whats wrong with you and then that makes you feel

down. I think the best thing to do is keep you're head up because

there is somebody out there for everybody, and just because you

haven't found them yet doesn't mean you never will :)

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