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You can do a lot of things. You really haven't given enough information, but here goes. When you date a man for awhile, then break up, and he says "I don't want a girlfriend", that's a bad sign. Normally this means "I want to have sex with you and other people, without you getting mad at me". It sounds to me that he knows the words "I love you" touches you in a spot that will help his overall mission. Now for the tough love. Dump the guy. You've heard the term there's other fish in the sea? Well its about as true as anything can be. You know the pain you feel when you think of him with another? You didn't feel that way before you knew him. Remember, love is basically conditioning, and can easily be manipulated. I know it hurts, but let the guy go. You will find another.... And another..... And another...........

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Q: What can you do if you and your ex dated for a year and have been broken up for 2 months and you want to get back together but he says he doesn't want a girlfriend but says he loves you?
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