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What can you do if you and your family recently moved to a new home and you feel a strange presence and hear strange noises and feel horrified but your husband doesn't want to listen to you?

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== == == == * Find something else to occupy your mind. If you

start to become obsessive about this or anything else, of course

you will "hear" or "see" things. * If you are constantly into the

paranormal you could be just sensitive and there is really nothing

wrong. You may feel strange living in a new home or unhappy you had

to move. Strange houses have different sounds to them. They can

creek, groan as they settle. Pipes to the house can make noises. If

you haven't toyed with the paranormal (believing in apparitions ..

good or bad) and you experience this then listen to your gut

feeling. Go and do a search on the house you just moved into.

Especially old houses can give off an eerie feeling if the house

hasn't had happy occupants in it. You've heard the term "the walls

have ears." It almost seems the house takes on the personality of

the people that had once lived in it. If it's a new house or just a

few years old do a search on the property. Sometimes the property

can give up some very interesting secrets. There have been many

documented cases where the property has been an Indian burial

ground (a holy place) or once a graveyard. Land Developers could

care less and use any tract of land they can get their hands on

(money speaks volumes!) I have no doubt some posters will poo-poo

your feelings, but I for one can believe you. I am not stoking you

into paranoia, but telling you to search out the history of the

house and property to put your mind at rest. There are things in

this world we just don't understand. EXAMPLE OF A FRIENDLY ENTITY

IN YOUR HOME: We had a neighbor next door to us who's parents owned

a house that was approximately 17 years old. Every night as they

sat and watched TV the huge portrait over the mantle of the

fireplace would rock and move. My friend's parents thought it was

just vibrations or the house settling and didn't think much of it.

After months of this and it happening in front of guests (some

guests refused to come back to visit) they did a search on the

house and property. Thankfully, the only thing they came up with

was the former owner. Apparently he loved the house and took tender

loving care of it. They nicknamed this entity "George". I witnessed

it with my own eyes. My neighbor took me over one night and we sat

down. Nothing happened and we began to talk and then we saw the

portrait move a lot! Calmly my neighbor's mother said, "No George,

I told you not to do that when we have guests because they won't

come back here anymore." Immediately the portrait stopped moving. I

walked over and looked around the picture to be sure it wasn't a

prank. I saw nothing! I can't explain it nor can anyone else, but

all we know is "George" was friendly and very considerate! EXAMPLE

OF HORROR AND NO ENTITIES ... WHY? I live within 15 miles of the

largest murder case in the History of Canada, "The Pickton Murders"

or "The Pig Farm Murders." Two brothers owned a great deal of

country property and sold 1/2 of it to a land developer and there

are new homes on that portion. The brothers lived on the other half

of the property (at least 5 acres of land) and raised pigs. They

also had a huge barn turned into a club called, "Miss Piggys" where

they had live bands and roasted 2 - 3 pigs for their patrons.

According to many the brothers were grand hosts and very kind (when

I saw their pictures in the paper they looked liked something out

of "Deliverance" to me, but then one can't judge fairly when you

haven't met the person.) My husband and I paid little attention to

this place, but I did know people that had gone to have a good time

there and dance up a storm and eat roast pig. Approx. 3 years ago

it was discovered that prostitutes from the Vancouver area were

missing. Other prostitutes were complaining to the police for 8

years previously, but, because of the profession these women were

in the police ignored them and appeared to have better things to

do. Eventually word leaked out and society put the pressure on and

that no matter if one is a prostitute or not, an investigation

should be forth-coming because prostitutes were humans beings too.

The long and short of it is, that most of us heard that a certain

notorious motorcycle gang was always present at these functions at

"Miss Piggies" and that they actually took most of the profits.

Society is not stupid and most of us realized there must be

something more going down than a barn full of people, but thought

it could be drug related. We were partially wrong and when the

story opened on the news all of us were in for the shock of our

lives! The Pickton Farm is now noted for the deaths of well over 50

prostitutes and the police feel there are a great deal more there.

It is said that one of the Pickton brothers recruited prostitutes

from Vancouver by enticing them with free drugs and a good time.

Off these poor women went and ended up in what they call "Snuff

Movies" (this is still speculation until it is confirmed in a court

of law ... the case is still going on in the justice system.)

"Snuff Movies" are when someone is acting out in a sexual manner

and then the person (victim) is actually murdered and this is taped

and sold on the black market. The story goes that these women were

enticed to the pig farm, murdered and thrown into the wood chipper

and as much as I hate to say it, fed to the pigs. All the land the

Pickton's lived on was dug up and they did find remains of many of

the prostitutes. The above I brought up because it is certainly

gruesome and no one should ever have to die in such a violent and

disgusting manner, but, not one person living near or on the

property where prostitutes could be buried where the new houses are

have come back to haunt or cause trouble. Why? No one knows. People

who study entities or claim to have seen them feel the person died

in a traumatic way, or is held back because they love the house,

property or are worried about the loved one(s) they left behind and

they haven't gone towards the light. Some people believe this is a

lot of hooey. I personally believe in some of it. We have yet to

tap into many things on this earth that can happen, so unless we

can prove for certain these things can't happen, then we can't say

it doesn't. My girlfriend and her husband decided to travel into

the states and see some historical sights. Neither of them believe

in ghosts (entities.) They saw many old buildings, properties where

the civil war had been and had no experiences. They had a camper on

their truck and they decided to go out on their own and walk where

Custer's Last Stand had happened. Her husband told her that he

didn't feel "quite right" and wanted to get out of there. To me

this is odd for a man and usually men don't pick up on such things.

She too had a similar feeling of doom and fear. They took off fast

and about 100 miles away they camped for the evening and thought

nothing more of it. My girlfriend thought she was dreaming and was

sitting up looking straight into the angry face of an Indian Chief.

He appeared to just look angry and did nothing else. She stood

straight up in bed and screamed at her husband who woke up (now you

would think the apparition would disappear when this happened) but

the Chief was not planning on moving! Her husband saw this as well.

All he could think to say (as stupid as it sounds) was, "Go away!

We had nothing to do with it! It was Custer!" It did the trick and

the apparition vanished. They were so scared they hopped into the

truck and drove until they dropped. Fiction? I think not! People

who visit certain Civil War Sites to this day swear they see a

soldier or two. Do your homework and if need be get a Minister,

Priest, to bless the house if it would make you feel better (when

your husband or children are not home). You are not going to get

your husband to believe in this! Most men don't. Women are much

more sensitive and many have ESP qualities (most women do and I

feel it partially due to raising children.) Mothers know when their

children are sick or in trouble without anyone saying one word to

them. Be careful of "ghost hunters" or "psychics." While I believe

there are a few good psychics (God's gift hopefully) they are few

and far between. Check on the Internet and find out which psychics

actually help the police solve cases of missing people. There is a

lady in England that is exceptionally good and works with the

police there. There are also two - three good ones in the U.S. You

know you are alone in this and it's important you do the homework,

have the house blessed if you need too, try just saying, "Please,

leave this house." Some people even say, "You are dead. Please go

towards the light." Many people claim this does the trick. I

personally have never witnessed this. Catholic priests have records

of Exorcisms and keep it confidential, but, it has leaked out on

occasion. Until I witness this one I don't believe or disbelieve in

this. I have had a couple of experiences, but friendly ones and

although scared out of my wits, I knew instinctively I wasn't going

to be harmed. Never mind what others think. I've gone through my

whole life on my own instincts and it's kept me out of a lot of

trouble. Faith helps too!

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