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I wouldn't call her narcassistic, but rather a very trouble girl that needs some psychological help which she hasn't either considered getting help for or doesn't want it. The answer lies within in you. Things probably started out OK, then it started to turn sour and you hung on for dear life, but it didn't solve the problems. With people such as your ex girlfriend there is nothing you can do for them and the mere mention that they have a problem will only send them into another rage. She is well aware she is angry at the world, but can't stop herself. Unless she receives help she won't have a good relationship with anyone and she'll certainly be cheating herself because of it. The only thing you can do is go through the grieving time that we all must go through, then stop moping about and get out with friends and try to have a little fun. Don't blame yourself, because you have no control over how she acts and if she wanted your help she would have asked for it. Many of us have met and even married people such as your ex girlfriend and life can certainly be a misery with them. It's tough to decide to keep walking away from the one you love and not look back, because we can feel like there is something we could have said or done to make things work out with that person. Not true! If you want to survive and have a happy relationship then you are going to have to walk away from her. Time does heal and by setting yourself free from her (love or not) you will give yourself a chance to meet that someone you really love and be with. I'm old enough to know that sometimes we walk down some pretty tough paths in life and feel there is no justice, but, the truth of the matter is it usually works out better for us in the long-run. Good luck Marcy Well put to the last poster and we can "agree to disagree." I think the magic words for this young man are the words he said himself, "a narcissistic girl who battled drained and hurt you so bad." To go back into a relationship like this is like asking a man to go back up to the frontlines in a war zone. No one would come out a winner in this one. Marcy If you truly love this girl, hang in there. Help her get through with her problems(as a friend). Unless she is abusing you (whether emotionally, verbally or even phsically) then there is no need to walk away. The problem is within her and you have nothing to do with this..I think if you let go and move on, you will always miss her and feel like there is no one like her (look for signs she is your true love)..or else you'll be hanging onto a love when the love is somewhere else..How will you know she is your true love?I can't answer that for you but you would just know she is..Now if this is the case, (true love), you will never find happiness elsewhere.It would be her, her, her everyday, every week, every month, every year..etc..over and over--always..Go with your heart and gut. Don't listen anything or anyone!!!Because anything or anyone won't live with a mistake (if so) or a regret (if so) but you WILL. Everyone experiences things differently and someone's best advice can be your worst..It can lead to a life you never wanted. Show this girl you care and be tender and loving towards her.She needs to see this and truly believe this. Now I don't know if this is an answer you are looking for and you don't have to listen to me..But always have this on the back of your mind "There are no rules when it comes to love and there shouldn't be any regrets when it comes to love either". Now it's up to you to decide..:(a)try another relationship or friendship and stay with your love or (b) move on...Which one can you live with?Which answer is the best one?

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Q: What can you do if you are in love with a narcissistic girl who battled drained and hurt you so bad but you still can't get over her?
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