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Were you in DEFAULT of the contract the car was collateral for? If so, not much to do about the repo except pay up. Obviously, the "not licensed" part didnt bother you when you bought the car. Call a local attorney for state specific advice.

In many states, notice of repossession is not required. The licensing of the seller is neither here nor there, because that does not affect the fact that you owe him a debt. There may be laws regarding your rights to reclaim the car after paying the back payments and costs of repossession.

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Q: What can you do if you bought a car from a person who is not licensed to sell cars and he repossessed it without notice?
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Can you car be repossessed in Massachusetts without notice of default?

yess (don't know ) guess

Car was repossessed with no letter of intent sent no notice of actionwas law violated?

Your car can be repossessed at any time without any warning if you aren't making your payments. It is probably in your paperwork in the fine print what happens when you don't make your payment.

Does lender have to send notice of default or intention to repossessed before taking the merchandise?

Legally NO!

What type notice is required before a car can be repossessed?

In all but 10 states, NONE AT ALL.

Does the person holding the note have to provide written notice that the vehicle is to be repossessed in Texas?

A written note

What can you do if you have had your car repossessed before and you are currently paid up on your payments but one of the checks bounced?

Sit back and wait for NOI letter (Notice of Intent). * The majority of states do not require notice before a vehicle is repossessed. Contact the lender and explain the situation. And hope for a positive outcome.

How much time in the state of Kansas do you have once you receive notice that your car will be repossessed before the car is actually repossessed?

One Kansas attorney says 20 days and another says 10 days.

How far behind do your car payments have to be before it can be repossessed in the state of Virginia?

In Virginia, the law states a lender must submit notice in writing at least 10 days before a car is to be repossessed. Therefore, car payments that are late can be subject to repossession at anytime, provided notice has been given.

In Illinois isn't it illegal if a car is repossessed with the plates still on it?

when they repossess your car it makes sense that you would get it in the mail with a notice.

If you default on a car loan can a creditor take possession at any hour without notice to you?

Yes, they can. One of the stories I've heard was that a car was repossessed from a mall parking lot--full tank of gas and purchases inside.

Auto repossession laws in Nevada?

In the state of Nevada, if you do not make payments on a car you are buying, it can be repossessed with no notice given to you. Once repossessed, you will still be liable for all further payments even if the car is sold at auction to another buyer.

Can you be evicted in 24 hours without a evition notice?

if you have lease, you cannot be evicted without an eviction notice,or notice to quit. If you do not have a lease you will need to deal with legal authorities on this.

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