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dont dye it anymore. use pro vitamin conditioner often and take hair growth vitamins Hi, Use a lot of deep conditioner and see a hairdresser who may be able to apply something to help your hair grow again.

2006-07-21 20:41:54
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Q: What can you do if you burnt your hair dying it too much and now it won't grow?
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Is dying hair blonde after bleaching good?

Dying your hair is never good because of all the chemicals .... but bleaching is worse than dying the hair . it wont cause much more damage .

Does an avocado make your hair grow and if it does how much does it make your hair grow?

Plant oils in general help increase hair growth. How much it makes hair grow varies from person to person.

How does dying affect your hair can it damage hair and how much would it cost to get done somewhere?

Dying your hair is very damaging. It would cost about 100 dollars to get done somewhere.

How can you get your hair to grow in one day?

There is no need to. Your hair will grow in one day, but not by much.

How much will your hair grow in 9 months?

Your hair will grow 4-8 inches in 9 months. It depends on how fast your hair grows

How can you emo style your hair without cutting dying or straightning it?

believe me you just cant if you have wavy hair theres no way to straighten them and dying u just have to do it if you want emo hair you need layers either BUT tease your hair much but not the ends and you can get extensions if you want stripes : ) get side bangs thats nearly the biggest thing in emo hair but layers is really important believe me but dying is not the best thing to do if you will ever want your normal hair back it would take long to grow them back :/ soo... hope i helped

How do you grow your hair to your eyebrows in a day?

Put on extensions or a wig, hair just doesn't grow much in a day.

If you have white hair would you go to school with dying your hair or just leave it?

just leave it. it's somewhat natural for some to grow white hair early in their life but not too much. it has nothing to do with your age. if you feel bad that your hair has some whites, then dye it but it's easier if just let it be.

What color or colors should you color your hair?

you shoul your hair natural! dying your hair damages it, plus i think natural hair is much better then pink or blue hair ;)

How much does your hair grow and a day?

Your hair grows 2 inces a day

How can you grow longer hair faster?

To grow your hair longer and faster is to have plenty of sleep. Furthermore, you have to eat plenty of ice cream, cheese, and/or yogurt. The dairy in the products will stimulate hair cells, which would most likely grow your hair faster. However, don't eat to much, otherwise your hair will grow at normal pace from to much dairy.

Is going from red hair to brown hair with highlights damage hair?

Dying you hair in anyway will damage your hair. It has nothing to do with the color of the dye. If you dye it too much your hair will get frizzy and thin, if you are planning on dying your hair often and dont want this you can get a treatment called a brazillian blow-out or get damage repair shampoo and conditioner.

How much does hair grow in a week?

not even a millimeter

How much does your hair grow in 1 day?


How can you grow you hair longer?

hair grow fastest at night, hair will regenerate it self when a few of the hair is fall. few person grow their hair faster than usual because of their genetic and few of them losing hair because to much of cosmetic, be sure not to use so much hair color or cosmetic because it will inhibit or miscarriage the hair progress. i hope this question can help

How much pubic hair should you have at 13?

Not much as at that age puberty has not long started. As they grow so will the hair.

What hair color is flattering for pale people?

Pretty much any natural hair color. i wouldn't reccomend dying it any unatural hair color.

Can dying your hair too much kill you?

the truthful answer is....YES - it can...dying your hair once in a while is perfectly should not dye your hair when pregnant or trying to get pregnant...but dying your hair very often in any case is dangerous...the dyes enter your bloodstream and build up...after a while your body cant handle the poisons and it shuts down.... repo man

How do you grow more pubic hair?

you cant really grow more. its a natural thing that you dont really have much control over. you grow however much you grow

How much coffee should you use to dye your hair?

s much as you want. It depends how dark you want it. Coffee seems to be an inexpensive, tightfisted way of dying your hair.

How much hair will the average human grow in a lifetime?

The average Human will grow up to 500 kilometers of hair in a lifetime. That is roughly 950 miles of hair!

Is it OK to dye your hair when you're young?

Sure it's ok to dye your hair when you are young but if i were you i would keep in mind that you should never dye your hair by yourself if you are a kid and have never done it before you should make sure that a parent knows and is ok with you dying your hair. Also you should keep in mind that if you have blond hair for example and want to dye all your hair brown that once your hair starts to grow your roots of your hair are gonna come out the original color of your hair and your gonna have to keep dying your hair every time your roots grow out. Oh and one more thing sometimes if you dye your hair to much it can start to damage your hair and it will loose the smooth shiny look to it. I hope this answer really helped and answered your question good enough. :)

How much hair does your hair grow each day?

about 0.44 a day but it really depends on your jeans

If you use a flat iorn too much will your hair get burnt?

No. The theory that flat irons are damaging to your hair is a myth. They are actually proven to be quite helpful to the growth and shineness of ones hair.

How much does your hair grow in one week?

6 feet