What can you do if you can't understand how your ex-girlfriend's feelings could change and she won't give you another chance even though you've apologized and showed that you love her?

As always it's a lack of communication. She's either been giving you hints, even talking to you and you haven't been listening. It amazes me how many men just don't hear the words their mate is saying "tone deaf" but let there be a football game on, the sounds of a beer can being opened or the refrigerator door opening and you guys are on your feet like you've been nailed by a red hot branding iron. If men want to get along with women, it's wise to pay attention. Most women are wonderful creatures. They can be smart and independent one moment and loving and nurturing the next. They can chew gum and talk at the same time! They usually keep the family unity together. They usually love their men with a passion and God help another woman that interferes with their man. I don't buy the excuse that men are different from women as far as feelings go. I know that men have been repressed for years with ... "be a man ... men don't cry ... men can't show any form of weakness." Personally, I don't trust a man that can't have a good cry once in awhile or admit they need help with a problem. Men with big muscles and small brains don't impress women all that much. Nice to look at, but women get bored very easily, so when we want an intelligent conversation that's what counts and believe it or not through a survery, sex was at the bottom of the list. I don't know what went on between the twp of you and it's none of my business, but there are three things most women won't put up with ... cheating, being ignored and treated shabbily. You have had to have done at least one of those things. People just don't change over-night so I highly doubt you have given yourself a chance to sit down and go over how you treated your girlfriend. You were smart enough to come on this board, so you are smart enough to figure out what you did wrong. When you find out, work on it! Then phone your girlfriend and see if she will at least meet with you. Admit your short-comings and then you have to prove to her you mean it and I'll warn you ... mean it! Here's a message for some of you men that take your girlfriends or wives for granted ... if she is loving, caring, treats you well, and you stomp on her feelings by cheating, not listening, not caring enough to sit down and talk problems out, then no matter if the woman is timid or strong, you can only push a woman so far and then she's gone! Listen up guys .. all the signs are there! Marcy