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What can you do if you cannot afford an attorney and the custodial parent will not let you see the children because you owe back child support?


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If a father is able and available to care for his own son due to the fact that he is a seasonal worker, can the mother petitioned the courts for the father to continue paying child support, does daycare supersede the bonding between a father and a son? She legally cannot keep you from your children. But they do it all the time. Contact the courts and apply for a legal aid which will represent you for free. But first contact your human services where you pay your child support. They can't really do much, but sometimes a call to the mother from them explaining that she is in contempt of court will scare her RIGHT. Trust me , it happened with my husband and his ex because I would't provide their daughter with my insurance. Child support and visitation are two different things.


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The situation regarding child support MUST be revisited if the circumstances of the custodial parent change.

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The custodial parent must initiate a petition for child support either through an attorney or for themselves.

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No. Support amounts are based upon the income and assets of the non custodial parent. The amount is not increased because the custodial parent is not employed because the money is for the support of the child not the custodial parent.

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No. She has no legal responsibility to support the children. Only the biological parents have any responsibility for child support.

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Can the custodial parent ask for child support for her children past the age of 18 if the children are full time college students?

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