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make your own cult and get her to join You are one lucky guy to get out of this cult that easy (watch your back!) No matter how much you love her, she's made her decision and you are going to have to face the fact she is either being brain-washed and doesn't love you enough to leave, or she can't leave. It's time for you to pick up your marbles and move on. If you don't, you could be in worse trouble than you anticipate. I know it hurts to lose someone you love, but she's made her decision and there is nothing more you can do. Start seeing friends again and start dating. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2009-01-22 09:37:46
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Q: What can you do if you fell in love with a girl who is in a cult but you left the cult because it's crazy and were forced to break up with her and how do you let go of her without going crazy?
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