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Communicate! Call them and let them know that you are unhappy with their services and work out a solution. Perhaps they are having problems with your case of which you are unaware. Maybe they are trying to obtain very difficult information about your case. Most private investigators work very hard for their clients, but from time to time lose track of their case load and case flow. Call them and offer a gentle reminder that you would like to get some feedback on the status of your case. If they are unwilling to negotiate or to return your calls, then check to see if there is a state licensing board that can help turn up the heat. But do not take this step until you try yourself. Most investigators are simply overworked but will respond to a client that expresses concerns. We really are here to help and we want to make every client a referral for our business!

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Q: What can you do if you hired a private investigator 2 months ago and he has given you little or wrong information and you have already paid him?
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