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With drugs, booze, gambling addiction, etc., YOU can't change that person. They have to want to change. I am so proud of you for kicking her out because it took guts and I know you feel really terrible about it all. Don't! It was her choice to let a good relationship slip through her fingers. When people are hooked on drugs, booze or gambling they will steal, lie, cheat, to get what they need. I have a cousin in our family (38 year old female) that is into Crystal Meth, alcohol, leads the life of a down and out street person (when they don't need too) and she took full advantage of the familie's support. We all got together and decided on "tough love." We have barred her from our homes, family functions and the ball is in her court. Don't feel badly for her, because we poured money into this girl in hopes she'd get the help, but she would never keep the appointments. This girl is going to either make it or die. Of course we feel bad and helpless and we pray she will make it, but we also know we did all we could and there is no more to give her. You did the right thing and for what it's worth ... run, don't walk! Find some girl with a little less baggage attached to her rump! Good luck Marcy I feel bad for her because I have a codependency problem, on the top she got rapped years I feel nobody was there for her...I miss her so much, but I cannot take her destroying attidute.

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Q: What can you do if you kicked out your girlfriend who is on acutane after many fights because she pushes your emotions and still contacted her ex-boyfriend but you want her to wake up and come back?
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Can you take Benadryl with acutane?

Yes! I take it for bad spring allergies and I have no side effects or problems with either the benadryl or acutane reacting to eachother.

What is the best oral medicine for acne?

Acutane....without a doubt

Does Acutane stunt your growth and if yes how do you know if it affected you?

u hump your couch for info

Does anyone out there have Dariers Disease?

yes i got it at age 13 and now at 34 I take 20 mg of acutane and use many ointments i have also found that swimming whether in a pool or the ocean works wonders

Is there a cure for facial acne?

"While there is no definite cure for acne, there are strong prescription medications that are very effective such as acutane. Be sure to speak to your dermatologist about the side effects and risks of any prescription drug you wish to try."

Does Acutane help prevent pregnancy?

No Accutane does not prevent or interfere with getting pregnant. However, YOU SHOULD NOT GET PREGNANT WHILE TAKING ACCUTANE!!!! It can cause serious birth defects, which is why most physicians require that you be on some form of highly effective birth control while on Accutane.

What are the side effects of acutane?

I have been on acutane for about a month and have experienced the following side effects: Headaches (only the first few days) Throwing Up (only the first few days) Dryness of the fingers (weird, I know) Dryness of the face and scalp And an outbreak of acne (will go away after the first few months says my doctor) Other than that I haven't expereince anything else. I'm the type of person who always experiences the side effects when taking new medicine. Go for it is working i can already see it.

You use acne pads and you still have acne?

I have tried everything to cure my acne. Even acutane. Proactive doesn't work, my dermatologist doesn't help. Now I use "Beautiful Clear Face". It really works! It is hard to find. But if you can find it try it.

I just got diagnosed with nodular acne and am going to take Acutane I can't get any makeup to cover the redness what helps?

Put some ice on your pimples (not directly though, through a towel or something. Also, take some ibuprofen and use some lemon juice or toothpaste on them for over night.

Is chocolate good for you if you have pimples?

Chocolate is not good for pimples. But it's not bad for them either. Eating chocolate is OK in small amounts. But because of it's high sugar and fat content it could contribute obisity and tooth decay. Treat your pimples with medicine, not diet. Like Benzoyl Peroxide based over the counter medicine for mild cases or prescription medicine like Differin or Minocin, etc.. For serious cases see a dermatologist, as he can prescribe 'Acutane' if the other prescriptions don't work first.

How do you cure an allergic reaction to benzoyl peroxide?

You must trust me on this one cause I have been through this. You must stop using benzoyl peroxide for your allergic reaction to go away. The pharmacist told me that this Panoxyl gel would work with slight redness to my skin and I was not surprised that it did not work since everything else I have ever used did not work. By usin this Panoxyl for sensitive skin my face turned red as a tomato, stung a lot burned a lot and after that was over my skin was excessively dry and my pimples were still all over my face! Never trust a pharmacist since it seems like they don't know how to get rid of acne. Acutane works but there are tons of side effects so be careful with it if you want to get rid of your pimples forever.

When you go the doctors what should you ask for to get rid of acne I Am 15 And Have Tryed Nearly Everything The Doctor Just Keeps Telling Me That The Acne Will Not Go Away Until I Am In My 20's?

== == == == == == == == Main cause of acne is the hormonal imbalances in the body. Hormone imbalances are very common in: * Teenagers. * During pregnancy. You should not wait for the acne to take its course as people in their 20s or 30s can still get acne. Many over the counter herbal products are available that are safe. I found the site Best Acne Products that really helped my daughter. The link is below. Good luck. I have an aunt that had acne until she was in her forties,( her face looked to have deep pits) then she began using "Pond's" skin cream every day morning and night, now her skin is beautifully smooth, you would never know she had a skin problem. I'm sure this would work on male as well as female.A: I wouldn't wait until your 20's. I'm in my 20's and still have it. I'd suggest going to a dermatologist if you aren't already, my dermatologist was a lot more helpful than my regular doctor. Sometimes topical creams work for acne, but sometimes you need to take something orally to help (for deeper rooted/cystic acne). I'm not sure if you're a female, but I was put on birth control and that's made the biggest improvement in my skin. The other oral treatments are antibiotics (which can be paired with birth control) or acutane. Acutane comes with a lot of side effects/risks though, so do your research before you take it. I believe you need to get your blood tested monthly to make sure it's not hurting your liver. Sometimes with birth control or antibiotics you need to play around with the dosages until something works. I also use oxy wash to wash my face, it's 10% benzoyl peroxide. Can dry your skin, so sometimes I use it every other day. Good luck!

Is it safe for a teenager to take Saw Palmetto for sebaceous cysts?

According to a number of mainstream herbal texts and studies. Side effects like gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea and increased blood pressure are rare but possible. Additionally, I would have concerns about recommending this herb for a teen due to its ability to interfere with the body's use of sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen.In addition to these comments I would like to add that in addition to low thyroid, I have seen cases where someone simply had a dairy intolerance. They could digest if fine but had cystic acne and sometimes a lot of phlegm in their system. I have seen cases where someone quit dairy for a couple of weeks and saw a HUGE improvement. No kidding- they called it a miracle. Forget the acutane, as well as the saw palmetto. There is a reason your body is responding with this problem and you are only shoving the symptons down while not addressing the underlying cause.In addition to stopping dairy I would suggest trying a far infrared sauna on a regular basis. In a good one you will sweat a ton and yet not heat the skin too much but, also, if you cannot find a far infrared one, just use a hot steamroom. That will help detoxify your skin. water water water, also aim to have a less acidic system (there are books about pH levels). Bread products create oily skin in some people, you can always do an elimination diet -which is when you stop eating certain foods for a period and see how you feel- and if the skin becomes better, then you know you are slightly allergic to that food.The most recent information learned in naturopathic school is that saw palmetto works for prostate problems by acting as an anti-inflammatory, and not by reducing the conversion of testosterone to DHT. (I know 99% of sources will say otherwise). I'm not sure which is correct, but if the herb reduces DHT or not, it may not be the best way to try to treat acne.Some basics are to go over the diet, less sugar, less garbage fats. Consider digestion. Eat good foods, eat slower, chew, don't wash down food with soda. Digestive enzymes may help, and also zinc deficiency can lead to acne. The body needs zinc to convert vitamin A to it's active form. You can buy zinc as a liquid and if it tastes like water then you know you need zinc, so there is no guesswork. Vitamin A supplementation is also a consideration, but it's not something to take indefinitely.Also look for major allergens like dairy, wheat, corn, soy and eggs. Those are the basics I would think of first before trying something like saw palmetto. Also a high stress lifestyle is bad for acne and hormonal balance.Saw Palmetto is used in some countries as an aphrodisiac because it contains a chemical which blocks the Re-uptake of 5-DHT, the chemical which causes penile erections to go down after orgasm. Also, it keeps your hair follicles from shrinking thereby crushing the hair, which breaks off; soon thereafter your hair follicle closes, if that is your geneaology.

Why is thalidomide still available today?

THE FIRST CONTRIBUTOR ARGUED: Thalidomide has legitimate medical uses. For example, it can be used to treat [Hansen]'s disease (used to be called leprosy) and multiple myeloma. The risk vs reward ratio for all drugs must be carefully evaluated. The risk for pregnant women taking thalidomide for morning sickness clearly outweighs any possible benefit that the woman might receive through the mitigation of her morning sickness. So those women taking thalidomide for other treatment must take every precaution against becoming pregnant. But this is no different than other drugs that are demonstrated teratogens, such as Acutane, which is prescribed for the control of serious acne THIS CONTRIBUTOR CALLS HIMSELF THE SECOND CONTRIBUTOR AND REPLIES: Every mother knows that her child should not play with a toy the child does not understand. The mechanism of the biological action of thalidomide is still being debated. Human nature is constituted as such that some individuals who have inside knowledge about the effects of thalidomide will 'always' deliberately and unnoticeably cause the serious harm thalidomide can 'so easily' cause. They do that precisely because the damage is so serious to the mother and to the child and because they can do that so easily and without being noticed. It may be that 'in clinical trials', thalidomide is shown to be effective against many things. But 'in real life', it is given to unsuspecting girls. TWO REMAINING PUZZLES (for the second contributor): ONE Thalidomide is a cure against Hansen's disease, leprosy. The second contributor is no medical doctor, but his understanding of leprosy is that it "takes" limbs "away". (1) The effect of thalidomide on foetuses is thus similar to the symptoms of leprosy on human beings. Still, thalidomide is cure of/against leprosy. Since Aristotle, the principle of non-contradiction (the PNC) says that it is impossible to be and not to be at the same time and in the same respect. Contrary to what many authors argue, this principle, or law, is not applicable to reality, only to thought. (2) Thought is submitted to the PNC. Reality is not. How can the thought of the advocates of the use of thalidomide get away with the apparent contradiction that thalidomide is both the cause of and the cure of leprosy(-like symptoms)? Is it being argued that using thalidomide on pregnant women and using it on non-pregnant people suffering of leprosy is using it in a different respect? Multiple myeloma, say the ophthalmologists? TWO Thalidomide attacked the embryo, not the infant. It attacked the sensory, not the motor "nerves". (3) It thus did not act on the limb bud. Indeed, thalidomide caused upper limb deformities by action before the limb had existed. (4) The damaging drug may have been developed by the Nazis as an antidote to "nerve" gas. (5) Again, the second contributor is no medical doctor, but he's surprised by the double occurrence of the same noun "nerve". THE ULTIMATE PUZZLE: Why is thalidomide still available today? NOTES (1) Left untreated, leprosy can be progressive, causing permanent damage to the skin, nerves, limbs and eyes. Leprosy does not directly cause body parts to fall off on their own accord; instead they become disfigured or autoamputated as a result of disease symptoms. (2) Fernand Van Steenberghen, (F.-X. de Guibert, ed.), Philosophie fondamentale , Longueuil, Québec, Editions du Préambule, 1989, footnote p. 296: Contrairement à ce qu'affirment beaucoup d'auteurs, ces principes [the principle of non-contradiction, the law of the excluded-middle and the law of identity] sont des Lois logiques ou des Lois de pensée comme telle et non des Lois de l'ordre réel. (3) Janet McCredie, "Beyond Thalidomide - Birth Defects Explained", London, The Royal Society of Medicine Press, 2007, p. 405 (4) McCredie, p. 152 (5) From The Sunday Times February 8, 2009 Thalidomide 'was created by the Nazis' The damaging drug may have been developed as an antidote to nerve gas Daniel Foggo