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What the gentleman did was not very kind and the pain you must feel right now is very real. But keep this in is long and someday you're going to meet the person who fits just right and who will be by your side for life. You'll always rememebr that you once liked this guy and you'll always remember that he hurt you, but TRUST me, the pain goes away as time goes on. Obviously, even though you like him he's not the caliber of partner you deserve, or he never would have done what he did. Some day you'll find a guy who respects you, loves you and makes you laugh. For now, just trust that each day it gets a little easier, even if you can't always see it that way.

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Q: What can you do if you liked a guy for over a year and you were both so into each other but when the day came for you to meet he went with someone else and your heart is broken and can't stop crying?
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