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If you like a boy, but your trying to hide, it'll only make you like him even more.I've learned from expirence that you shouldn't fall all over him, but you should be honest with him because maybe he feels the same way about you.

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Word for someone that loves you but you dont love them back?


What to do if you love a man who loves you but when you dont hear from him you get all crazy inside and think he dont love you?

just just said he loves you so dont worry about it .it will just make you go crazy.he loves you

What do I do if I am 11 and my bf says he loves me and I dont want to say it back what will he think?

I am not sure what your boyfriend will think, but when he says 'I love you' just do a friendly smile or wink

Does icepaw love Lionblaze?

No I dont think that Icepaw/cloud loves anyone

I love him and he also love me but how should i impess him?

you dont need to impress him, if he loves you. he loves you for who you are, dont change something that he loves about you.

What do you do if someone loves you but you dont love them back?

Just tell them, but not in a nasty way . You say sorry but I don't think we're right for each other

You used to love somebody and you also feel that he loves you now he had left you and stopped to talk with you is he really loves you?

i dont think he does.

If a boy loves?

they say that they love you and never ever wants to leave you. if you dont kno if he loves you back ask him he will reply its easy

Girl tells you she loves you i dont think she does?

it is very cruel.because also i love a boy.but he hate me.

I really don't no do you think he love me?

i have a boy friend that tells me that he loves me and that everysingle day he loves me more and more but he dont leaves in my same town and am afraid for him to be talking to other girls in his town do u think he really does love me i have a boy friend that tells me that he loves me and that everysingle day he loves me more and more but he dont leaves in my same town and am afraid for him to be talking to other girls in his town do u think he really does love me

What does it mean when your boyfriend tells you i think i said i love you to early?

well, it can probably feel like love but it wont be love yaknow? like a ginourmous crush. if he says he loves you to early just dont say it back.

Am in love with a guy n i dont think he loves me i wana know if he loves me or if deres someone in his life?

Yes, he loves you with all his heart. And he hates that other girl.

Does sauske ever love sakura back?

I don't think he does, I don't think he ever loves anyone back. He's rather confined to himself. He only really loves himself!

I think my ex still loves me and i love him back but my friends say he doesn't but i get love text messages and he always hugs me and stares at me i think about him everyday what should i do?

he might just be getting back at you and when you go to ask him back out he is going to say i found someone else and it turns out to be your bff. dont trust him.

Who Shadow the hedghog loves?

well he loves maria as a friend, he likes rouge as his friend hard to know who he loves i think he dont love none but i be really happy if shadow and rouge falls in love do you agree?

What if he loves you but you dont love him back and you want to break up but h says he needs you?

Give it time.

What do you call a person who is in love with someone who doesn't love them back?

i Dont really know but: Tell him that there are 7 billion people on Earth and that he will truly love someone when the person loves him back.

What do you answer if a guy says he loves you?

Well if you also love him , your reply back " I love you too" , but if you dont you have to let him know your not ready for that commitment yet .

What if your girlfriend loves you but you dont love her?

You dump her.

How do you get your true love to love you back?

If they don't love you back already then I don't think that ther're really your true love. You can't make someone love.Thenfind someone that loves u.

You want a relationship with your boyfriend you just am not sure if you love him anymore?

just love him back .He for sure loves you.

Do you think that kagome and sesshomaru should be together?

no because they dont love eachother amd kagome loves inuyasha and sesshomaru loves rin like a daughter

What should you do if a guy tells you he loves you?

Well if you like him tell him you love him too! but if your not sure you love him too then say im not sure im in love with you yet or say i need time to think about weather i love you back. dont let it ruin your relationship tho

This guy loves me what should I say back?

If you like him say I love you to him backAnswer::If you love him say it back, but if you are not sure dont say anything. And if you guys are not dating yet and you like him tell him you like him but dont love him yet..or if you guys arent dating and you dont like him tell him.. But most of all tell the truth and tell him what you feel

Who loves the wanted?

OMG!! I sooo love The WANTED! They are my favourite band ever! I dont think there is any reason NOT to love them lol :D xx