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The only feasable way they could send the police after you is if you knew the car was going to be reposessed and you hid it. Even then, though, this is a contract issue, not a criminal one and the police wouldn't get involved. It sounds like what they're doing is making emtpy threats.

2006-08-28 15:34:42
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Can police come into your house without a physical arrest warrant in Ohio to arrest someone living there?

What does the questioner mean by having the "physical" arrest warrant?If it means that, even though there is an existing warrant, but they just don't happen to have it in their possession - for them to act on the knowledge that the warrant exists is still lawful. They do not need to have the actual warrant in their possession in order to act on it.As in most cases involving the law, the CIRCUMSTANCES of the situation dictate what law enforcement can, and should not do. For example;If the police are in 'fresh pursuit' of someone and they run into the house they CAN pursue and arrest the individual inside.If they knock on your door - you open it - and behind you, they see the wanted individual sitting in your living room, they can enter and effect the arrest.

Can a Texas license plate have a warrant?

Yes it can. When the police get behind you most of the time they are running your plates to answer 3 questions about you. 1. Any warrants 2. Got insurance 3. Is registration good There is a lot your license plate tells the police. Also if you have a warrant out they can place it on your license plate. Or if your driving someone Else's car and they have a warrant there is a possibility that a warrant for their arrest can be on their plates.

Can an officer inspect the outside of a vehicle without a warrant?

The idea behind a 'search warrant' is that you have a reasonable expectation of privacy, and the warrant gives the police a legal right to invade that privacy. So if they want to search you, your property, or your vehicle, they need that warrant. However, the outside of your vehicle does not have that expectation of privacy. An officer does not need a warrant to inspect your car's outside more closely, whether it is to check the condition of the tyres, the presence of paint scrapings, or perhaps to narrow down the location of a suspicious odour. On a side note, in some places an officer can 'search' inside a vehicle without a warrant, ie, if he saw a bag of cannabis on a car seat, through the window, he could use that as probable cause to get a formal search warrant to retrieve it. Things left out in the open like this inside a vehicle have a lowered expectation of privacy.

Can a warrant for arrest prevent you from becoming a pharmacist even though it is from another state and was never convicted?

Oh yes. You should turn yourself in to the police in the state the warrant was issued. This will begin to put this bad past behind you and once this is all taken care of you can go on with your life. Without the fear of this on your head you will be a much better person. Face your consequences.

How far behind on child support do you have to be before a warrant is issued?

18 months

What is a sentence using the word vehicle?

That vehicle has a celebrity behind the wheel!

What should you do when you are behind a slow-moving farm vehicle?

You can either wait behind that vehicle, or pass when it is safe - and legal - to do so.

If you dont go to a class the court ordered you to go to what could happen?

You can be found in contempt of court and a warrant will be issued for your arrest. Added: If it was court ordered as part a sentence of probation, your probation might be revoked and you could be remanded to jail to serve the remainder of your sentence behind bars.

If a vehicle rolls back and hits vehicle behind it who is at fault?

In situations where a car rolls back into a stationary vehicle behind, it is the front car that is liable regardless of how close the rear vehicle was behind. In the absence of any independent witnesses however, it is often difficult to prove a situation such as this, unless the owner of the forward vehicle willingly admits liability.

Is it possible Musharraf was behind killing of Benzir?

Hard to say but he kinda helped by not providing security to her in the first place. Arrest warrants were issued for his arrest because of that.

What is the Name for a mass of moving air behind vehicle?

It has a few names, behind the vehicle it is know as the slipstream, using this phenomenon in application is called drafting.

How many weeks behind in the state of South Carolina do you have to on child support before a bench warrant can be issued?

The bench warrant is nothing to do with how many weeks behind you are, it is issued due to contempt of court which can happen at any stage in the proceedings, if you fail to appear for a hearing.

Who is at fault if a vehicle hits you on the left side and they coming from behind you?

person coming from behind

Is it always your fault if you hit someone from behind?

In almost all cases if one vehicle hits a vehicle from behind the rear vehicle is at fault. There are some extreme instances in which that is not the case, but it is a case by case basis.

Who is Spirit of the West song Bone of Contention about?

Paul Reubens, the actor behind PeeWee Herman. The song involves his 1991 arrest and media over-reaction to his arrest.

Is being arrested for a bench warrant the same as a misdemeanor?

It all depends on what was the reason behind the issuance of the bench warrant. If it was a misdemeanor offense, yes, If it was af felony crime, it's a felony.

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What does nightcap mean for a warrant?

The term "nightcap" or night capped warrant refer to warrants issued granting law enforcement officers the right to serve an arrest or search warrant at any time of the night or day. The rationale behind this type of warrant is that, in some instances, to protect officer safety or protect evidence which might otherwise not be available, law enforcement officers must have more latitude with respect to the time of service. Most state laws require that warrants be served during day light hours or have a specific time range for service. Night capped warrants can be served at any time.

How far behind a vehicle do you have to be for it to be legal to have your brights on?

I think as long as you can see the vehicle in front of you, you should not have your highbeams on

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When you are within 500 feet of an oncoming vehicle or you come up behind a vehicle.

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300 ft.

How long can you fall behind in your car payments before they can issue a warrant?

They cannot issue a warrant to have you arrested for non-payment of your car loan. Worst case: They have sent a repossession agent to retrieve the vehicle but you have hidden it and he cannot find it. If you avoid repossession for long enough and refuse to cooperate, the lender may get a court order (writ of replevna) demanding that you surrender the vehicle. This order will be delivered by the county sherrif, not the repo man. At this point, you will either allow them to take the car or be arrested for contempt of court. It is about 30-45 days