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Just let it be. You are better off without him. There was no way that you were happy in this relationship to be so controlling. It seems you need to be alone for a while to become more self confident and trusting. Learn to be friends with no commitments and see how that goes for a while. Let it go Change your controlling behavior anyway (it's good for nobody) and let it go. Old saying. If something comes to you but does not stay, it was never your's to begin with. Life goes on. No one enjoys being around a controlling person and people who are controllers do so because they feel their life would fall apart without it. It's time to face yourself and get some good psychological counseling to help you understand why you feel this way. If you don't you won't have very successful relationships. You just don't change over-night and if you are in love with him then prove it to him. Make an appointment with a psychiatrist or psychologist and let him know you are trying. Perhaps he would be willing to see you on an on and off basis until you learn not to be so controlling. You are already on your way by admitting you are controlling and that's being very honest with yourself. Good for you! I have a very controlling friend I am dealing with right now and there is an emergency in the family and I find it frustrating and hard to be around this person, but, I hang in there. I am smart enough to know everyone is humbled at some point of their lives and this friend isn't worth losing. Good luck

2006-08-31 05:28:48
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