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Missing and backfiring are a sure sighn the timing is out. Check and make sure you put all the plug wires back in the proper position.

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You used carburetor cleaner and now it backfires?

That sounds like your timing is off. Adjust it at the distributor cap with a timing light.

What happens if you put diesel fuel injector cleaner into a unleaded car?

Diesel fuel injector cleaner will not hurt your unleaded gas motor. The diesel fuel injector cleaner is basically the same as your unleaded injector cleaner.

What happens when you pour fuel injector cleaner into the throttle body injection?

Pouring the injector cleaner down the throttle body won't clean the injectors. You need to add the injector cleaner to the fuel tank for it to help you. Read the instructions on the container of injector cleaner.

Is fuel injector cleaner good?

Fuel injector cleaner does not hurt anything,but most fuels already have a cleaning additive in their fuel.

Can you use diesel fuel injector cleaner in gas engines?

no i dont think you can use diesel fuel injector cleaner in gas engines

How often should you add fuel injection cleaner to you 2002 Chevy Cavalier?

Modern fuels have a fuel injector injector cleaner built into them. However I do recommend you use a good fuel injector cleaner such as Seafoam or Chevron Techron once a year.

Can iso-HEET be used in place of 99 percent rubbing alcohol?

No, the formula has changed, they now add a fuel injector cleaner to it.

Why won't your 2003 Chevy Malibu idle after you changed the fuel pump?

when the pump was changed, maybe dirt fell in tank and the injectors are clogging up. run some good injector cleaner in fuel tank. and see if this helps, if it does add injector cleaner to tank at least once a month or more often. it will not hurt to use it more often.

Where can one go to purchase a fuel injector cleaner?

Fuel injector cleaner is a liquid which one puts in their gas tank to clean the engine and improve fuel performance. Fuel injector cleaner can be purchased at Canadian Tire, Walmart, and at many gas stations.

1997 MERCURY mystique missing not spark but fuel changed fuel filter can it be a fuel pump if still running ruff?

this is most likely a bad injector. Try a tank of premium gas and Lucas injector cleaner. If it still misses, you probably need to change an injector.

What is the best diesel injector cleaner?

One of the best diesel injector cleaners available is Fleetguard's Asphaltene Conditioner. The cleaner is a premium fuel additive and is made by Cummins.

Injectors not working on a 91 suburban?

If the injector wires are not broken where the air cleaner sets on top of the Throttle body, then I would replace the ignition module that's in the distributor underneith the dist. cap.

How do you clean fuel injector systems 1999 Kia Sportage?

buy a bottle of fuel injector cleaner to do that job for you

Can you use fuel injector cleaner to clean your fuel filter?

No its just to clean your injectors the fuel injector cleaner will just go right through the filter it wont do anything to filter.

How do you clean a Honda accord clogged fuel injector?

Go Down to your local part store and by the best fuel injector cleaner for your car.

What is the best fuel injector cleaner?

Usually, the price will dictate what is the best injector cleaner. "Injector cleaner" is misleading since most "cleaners" you buy do not clean but rather prevent more buildup in the injector tip. An auto shop does have a cleaner though where the fuel system is disabled and the car ran on a bottle for 15 minutes. Knocking and tapping differences are is the question of the century. A tapping noise will come from injectors or the valvetrain in general and is much more subtle than a knocking noise which usually is much louder cam or crankshaft noise indicating failed bearings.

Is it a good idea to put a fuel injector cleaner after you have done a tune up?

Don't waste your money on after market injector cleaner. There are cleaning systems designed for cleaning injectors but are really only applicable to deisel fueled engines. The gasoline to day is clean , has agents that don't allow deposits to build up and believe it or not, injector cleaner is nothing but very high octane gasoline!!

Too high hydrocarbons 1994 Chevy truck?

Check your air filter, make sure it is clean. Try some Seafoam injection cleaner or a Good quality Injector cleaner. Also check the timing, there is a brown single wire close by the distributor that you have to disconnect. Then check the timing and then reconnect it. It will throw a trouble code, but that will clear.

How difficult and how do you clean your own fuel injectors in your 1995 Nissan 240SX SE?

Fuel injector cleaner that you mix with a tank of gas, doing anything else to your fuel injectors to try to clean them can, and will likely end up damaging the injector itself, or the o ring seals that maintain fuel pressure. I have changed my injectors myself before, and they don't usually come out easily, or without breaking the plastic electric connector. Good old injector cleaner from time to time will do wonders, and keep system running smoothly.

What happen when you pour fuel injector cleaner directly into a throttle body injection?

You completely waste the injector cleaner. It has to flow through the ports which supply fuel to the engine to do its job. That's why the directions tell you to put it into the gas tank in a certain ratio to gas. It mixes with the fuel in the tank, flows through the system and out of the injector ports.

2001 Alero V6 will not idle smooth?

Try some fuel injector cleaner in the tank.

If fuel filter plugged would fuel injector cleaner work?

No. The filter will need to be replaced.

Why does your 1992 grand marquis run bad when you give it gas seems like its going to almost stall?

I have the same problem off and on. I changed the fuel filter on it but what really helped was fuel injector cleaner. I'm going to put in a new wireset and spark plugs and clean the distributor caps. So basically a tune up will fix the stalling problem, it will also fix any rough idling and hesitating you might be having. First try the cleaner and see what happens.

Will brake fluid damage internal parts of a combustion engine when used as a cleaner?

if you are reboulding the engine,no.but if your not rebuilding it will damage seals and honing, Yes it will, try injector cleaner, or even engine cleaner.

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