What can you do if your 17-year-old will not come home?

It you don't know where your child is, report them missing w/the police. If you feel your child is run away with a boyfriend/girlfriend, who is over 18, that is kidnapping and if they are sexually active, it's statutory rape. You can have them arrested. Call your local police department and see what you can do. * If the whereabouts of the 17-year-old is known they are considered an absentee minor and it will require an order from the court to have them returned to the custody of the parents. If the whereabouts of the minor is unknown and there is no suspicion of foul play the minor is considered a runaway and a report to that affect should be filed with the police department of jurisdiction. Kidnapping is a charge that is only applicable when a person is taken against their will or a person who is too young or mentally impaired to understand what is happening. Statutory rape is only applicable if the minor is below the state's AOC, any such charge is generally one of sexual misconduct.