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Good morning Your problem isn't uncommon at all. I would take your son in for some blood work-up to be sure there is nothing physically wrong with him. I doubt there is much wrong, but let your family doctor see him. It could also be "separation anxiety." If he doesn't act like this at home, but acts out at nursery school, then my bet is "separation anxiety." It is possible your son could have ADS or AHD. Some symptoms are .... Flitting from one spot to the other Breaking toys Having screaming fits Give him a game and see how long he can stick it out without becoming frustrated (approx. 10 - 30 mins., for his age is normal.) Can't sit still for at least 5 to 10 minutes (while eating or watching Cartoons on TV.) Many parents don't realize that too much sugar in a child's system can also cause hyper-activity. Most of us don't realize how many hidden sugars there are out there and feel if we keep ourselves or our kids away from candy or pop that should do the trick. Start label reading, and don't let your child have ANY sweets for approx. 2 months. I know you are a busy mom, so the best thing to do is either let your mother, your husband or a friend look after your son and then go to your grocery store, take your time, and label read the products you usually buy for him. When you find the one you like write it down on a permanent list so it will be faster the next time you go shopping. All children should be brought up on a low sugar diet and I bet you will see a big difference in him. I live in British Columbia and they are super health conscious here and we even have bakeries that make diebetic cakes (I'm not diabetic and love their bakery goods ... not too sweet and most people order them for that reason) as well as jams made with apple juice to thicken instead of sugar. It isn't that hard to find no sugar products as it once was. Try finding an organic grocery store and you can buy many good products for young children to eat there too. The average person (in Western countries) eats over 15 lbs. of sugar a year! Some analysts think it's higher. There are 3 things that hook people on a food product .... fats, sugars and salt. There are jams, ketchup, some meat products, etc. Bananas, grapes, mangos, etc., are very high in sugar. Unless it's natural peanut butter, that's loaded with sugar too. Feed your son as normal, but just cut out all sugars for the two months period. Won't hurt him one bit. Also, some children just "act out" when they are around other children, especially if they aren't use to being around children during their earlier years. I've heard of my friends having this problem with their children, but, it all works out. Don't get yourself too upset. If you are working and need assistance with someone looking after your child, then see if your mother or a sister could help out, or, interview good nannys to come into the house. Even if you have to pay for it, have the nanny come over a couple of times for dinner so your son can grow use to her. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What can you do if your 34-month-old boy is very violent to other children to the point where you have been told by the nursery that he may have to leave?
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