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Several possibilities: 1. AC system is not fully charged or otherwise not functioning efficiently. 2. AC system is not adequately sized, ie., not a large enough system. 3. Air filter is partially blocked and not allowing enough air flow to keep the house cool. 4. Air filter has been removed and/or damaged, allowing dust to build up on the expansion coil, reducing the air flow.

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Facts about England?

It is never warmer than 27 degrees even in summer

What clausias statement of 2nd law of thermodynamics?

Heat can never pass from a colder to a warmer body without some other change, connected therewith, occurring at the same time.

Why is Florida's winter warmer than New York's?

Because floridas climate of weather never changes. It is warming all year round. But in the winter it may get a bit colder but it will still be warm.

Does Los Angeles have winter?

Yes, LA has a winter, it just doesn't get much colder than 60 degrees during the day and almost never snows there.

When does it start to get warmer in South Carolina?


Is snow always at least 32 degrees F and never colder?

Snow, like all other matter can get as cold as it's environment. Snow cannot rise above water's freezing point, because it would be liquid water. To expect snow to stay at it's freezing point is like expecting wax to never get colder a than it's freezing point. There is no basis for snow staying at 32 degrees F.

Does heat energy move from warmer substance to colder substance?

Yes, always. According to the second law of thermodynamics, heat of its self can never pass from one body to a hotter body. This means that a cold thing can never use what little heat it has to warm up a hotter thing without outside help.

Which states have never been 100 degrees?

Hawaii temperatures have never reached 100 degrees

Why is Antarctica colder than the equator of earth?

The equator always has an angle towards the sun, while Antarctica is never tilted towards the sun, thus making it colder.

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The temperature rises when the sun comes up, and may reach 10 to 20 degrees below zero -- which is warmer than the temperatures when there is no sun. In the classic sense, however, Antarctica is never 'warm'.

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What is inside and outside of a house but never touches it

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Pet mice should never be kept outside as they are exposed to the weather, the sun, and other animals!

What alcohol is served warm?

Never warmer than room temperature, unless it is mulled wine.

What goes round the house and in the house but never touches the house?


What goes around the house and in the house but never touches the house?


Where was 0 kelvin first located?

Zero degrees, Kelvin, is considered absolute zero, as nothing can get any colder. It is the complete absence of heat. Cold conditions are created in science laboratories, not located. So far, zero degrees Kelvin has never been reached., but scientists have created cold conditions with LASER equipment that are within a few billionths of a degree above zero degrees K. That is close enough for me!

Why do you feel colder in a breeze than in still air?

In still air, the air surrounding us is the same and hence has come in thermal equilibrium with the human body temperature.In case of breezy air, the air is continuously flowing and as a result the equilibrim is never established and hence we feel cold.However it is important to note that this in case the air is warmer than the human body(as in deserts and other arid regions) we will feel warmer with the breeze than with still air.

What is Florida's region like?

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How can you make a house earthquake resistant?

never you never can !#@#$&^%(

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How can you prove that the cat is marking the house if you never see him do it?

Is it possible for a star to never rise or never set?

Yes. Those that never set are called circumpolar stars. For example, if you live 50 degrees north of the equator, any star that is 50 degrees or less from the north pole of the sky will never set; any star that is 50 degrees or less from the south pole of the sky will never rise.

Can you freeze raw fish that was frozen before?

NO!! dont ever doo thatYes, BUT, only if the fish was never at 40 degrees or warmer for longer than 2 hrs.Refreezing a previously thawed fish is a food QUALITY issue NOT a food SAFETY issue.

It never goes below 20 degrees in Singapore is it true?

this is true. Singapore is near the epuater,thus the temperature never goes below 20 degrees

What goes from house to house and never goes in?

Jehova's witnesses.

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