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I have a 93 Cherokee and was able to refill the air conditioning system with a recharge kit available at Wal-mart ( the evil yet useful empire ) for $35. Better than the $1500 I was told by the "expert" mechanic I took it to. Good luck.

      • If your problem is low pressure in system it is because you have lost coolant. That year of vehicle would still have had the non eco friendly type coolant, (R12?)Cant recall. Anyway , that type is no longer available and you want to be a good citizen so first you would have to have your system converted for the R134 and then yes, the Walmart fill up will work quite well. It comes with four bottles, and adapter valves with fill hose. One is lubricant, PEG synthetic, then a bottle of sealant, useful if o rings and gaskets caused last leak. Finally are two bottles of coolant. Follow directions and they do work.

Before spending any money on the system, service manuals have wiring diagrams. by using test light and jumper wires check the system. Make sure the compressor clutch works and compressor still functions. All else will be pointless if these arenot working.

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Q: What can you do if your air condition does not work in your Jeep Cherokee?
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