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If he will kill himself if people find out about you and him, doesnt sound like he has feelings for you. Why end his life and ruin your life? It sounds like he has feelings for you, but if found out he will be a coward and not face people if found out. What kind of individual is that? I dont think he loves you. IF he did, he would stand up for you, by you if found out. Dump his ass and fast! i agree, for a different reason. if he would kill himself if people thought he was cheating on his wife then he should kill himself because he is cheating on he wife with YOU. why woudl you still go out with him, let him live with his wife. he has promised her his heart and sould in marrage and you are screwing this up.just by seeing you he is being unfaithful so if you really didnt him to kill himself and if you truly love him youll let him go for his sake. i know its hard ... well forst off it doesn't matter if he wants people to think he's a cheater, because he is. secondly, he's married and you need to back off. if he won't then you need to. and thirdly.. anyone who would kill themselves for something that they know is wrong, is a liar, and a sycho, and you don't need that. so i say dump him and find someone that is single

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Q: What can you do if your boyfriend loves his wife but cheats with you but he's loyal to her because he doesn't want people to think he's a cheater like his dad and he'll kill himself if people find out?
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