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You need to provide the bank with written documentation proving your case. Show them what paperwork you have and they have to change their information.

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Q: What can you do if your car was repossessed and then you redeemed it but the bank is reporting it as a repossession that happened this month when it actually happened 2 years ago?
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Can they repossess your car with you in it?

A valid repossession must not cause an unlawful breach of the peace - even if the debtor is the one instigating the breach. So if the debtor gets into the car, it cannot be repossessed at that time, you'd be kidnapping them essentially. In the USA, this actually happened, the repossession was declared to be non valid and the debtor awarded a cash settlement in court.

What happened to Cars?

Repossessed cars are typically cleaned up and resold on a dealers lot. However, if the lienholder (the person who repossessed it) feels that it will cost too much to restore the vehicle to a sellable status, they will just put it in an auction and take whatever they can get for it. Repossessed cars are first examined fully to determine the remaining value of the car. If the car is suitable for repossession, it will be resold to another person for a discounted price.

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After a car has been repossessed from a title loan how much can you sell it for and can you get the balance owed?

What are you trying to ask? After your car has been repossessed, you can't sell it - the lender will. You will get nothing, unless by some unusual circumstance it is sold for more than the amount of the loan plus interest plus costs of repossession and sale. If that happened, you SHOULD get any additional amount, but more likely you will be expected to PAY whatever remains of those amounts after the sale price is subtracted.

You just paid what they said you were behind on and they Repo it anyway with no notice?

Notice is not necessary in all state prior to repossession. In fact it is not necessary in most states. If you have paid current on the loan, and the repossession occurred anyway, this is likely a communication lag between the lender and the repossession company. It happens often. Contact your lender and explain what happened. Be patient and polite--they are not required to return the vehicle. They likely will because they want your money not the car. Ask the lender how you can get your vehicle back. Ask them who has your vehicle, and call that company to explain the vehicle was "wrongfully repossessed" and why. Again, be patient and polite--these people have your car.

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How can it be a repo if they only had the car 3 days?

What is a repo? Repossession occurs when a contract is in default and the lender takes possession of the secured collateral.IF your situation doesnt fit that description, call an attorney NOW. Roosta, yes I meant "repo" to mean repossession. The lender had my car for 3 days. I paid what I owed to get my car back and paid for 1 1/2 years. I still own the car. It has been paid in full for 2 years. But when I made the last payment in Dec of 2001, they list it as a repossession. But the so called repossession happened in Feb or 2000. Like I said they had my car for 3 days. I didn't realize they had it listed as a repossession until recently when I tried to get some credit for a new car. I have filed a dispute with each credit reporting agency, but I have to wonder if they will take if off.

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