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Thanks for being so candid about your relationship. What are some of the differences she is referring too? First off, many good relationships work out because "opposites attract!" I have no idea what this girl expects. YOU DO NOT CHANGE WHO YOU ARE FOR ANYONE! You are you and there must have been a great deal she liked about you to go steady with you. What's changed? That's what you have to ask her and yourself.

Some young women can grow weary quickly in relationships (just as some young men can) and they feel the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. I still don't think you should wait around for her.

I think if you stop accommodating her wishes as the other poster put it, and started dating other girls she would soon make up her mind more quickly. Love doesn't come easy and although it's magical and fantastic at first, as time goes on it takes a lot of work and communication to keep the sparks flying. It appears you are willing to do this, but she is too immature to try.

Move on and start dating. There is a good possibility she will come running back to you, but beware ... she may just not want another woman to have you. Make her work for your attention and don't try pleasing her so much. She is and I say it again "she IS" taking advantage of you and hurting you in the process. If she wasn't being immature and selfish she would simply tell you it's over and she'd continue on with her boyfriend.

Good luckMarcy

You sure are a brute for punishment! When you say the word "ex" anything it means it doesn't exist in the future as it did in the past and this relationship of yours is no exception. I don't know how you can respect her or yourself when she is cheating on her new boyfriend and both of you know full well it's wrong. There are choices! You either love someone or you don't. This girl is having a field day feeling pretty darn important with two guys wanting her. It's time to grow up and tell her to make up her mind right now! Either she loves you enough to come back and she has the compassion and guts to face her boyfriend and tell him she's going back to him or I'd dump her for good. If you don't both of you will get what you deserve. There is an old saying, "The head of the snake will turn around and bite you on the butt!" You'd better believe that quote is true because I've seen it in action often during my many years on this earth.

Marcy the ex girlfriend here was a girlfriend 3 days ago so there has not been much separation and the feelings are still there she is just unsure if she is in love but does care deeply for me and could be in love the new boyfriend just came about he has been talking to her for a little because she was unsure but she was always with me but feels are differences are too much,unlike him whom is more similar,but I don't think differences mean much we can grow to like the same things in time,she does love me and I love her and want her to be in love with me like I am to her. It hurts me thinking he doesnt have to try as hard to be similar,I give 100percent to like her views and she knows that,but is unsure.

AnswerShe is cheating on her new boyfriend. What makes you think she won't cheat on you? Break it off. Tell her good bye. As long as she does not have to make a choice, she won't. Until she does, why do you want to be involved.
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Q: What can you do if your ex-girlfriend has a new boyfriend but says she thinks she's in love with you now and has been sleeping with you?
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Your girlfriend is burning the candle at both ends which means she is cheating on her boyfriend while playing you for a fool. She has the best of both worlds at the expense of her new boyfriend and yourself which makes her selfish; self centered and does not care that she will eventually end up hurting either her new boyfriend; you or perhaps both of you. You should be far more mature than to have fallen for this situation. Sit up and fly right and kick her out of your bed and out of your life!

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