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If there is a child support order, use that to track. Also, file for custody so that she must respond. Then a court order will be violated by her taking/not producing the child. Usually can do without attorney. Still shoud consider finding an attorney. Will take some time, but might work.

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Q: What can you do if your ex-wife leaves the state with your daughter shortly after your divorce?
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If a woman files for a divorce leaves her husband and then comes back home but still want to get a divorce can she still get a divorce?

Yes she can.

Is it abandonment if husband leaves disabled wife lets house go in to foreclosure and leaves wife with no car no way to survive or live and moves in with your daughter in law?

Yes it is abondonment! But most of the time we have no fault divorce! Find a good lawyer and Get alimony!!

How long after a spouse leaves can abandonment divorce be initiated in Georgia?

how long after a spouse leaves can abandonment divorce, or removal from the lease be intiated in georgia? and what's the O.C.G.A reference

If someone forged your signature on your divorce decree is that divorce legally binding?

No, it isn't, and leaves you with a range of options to follow.

How long after a spouse leaves can abandonment divorce be initiated in the state of Michigan if the spouse is in Kentucky?

Abandonment is not grounds for divorce in Michigan. Michigan is a "no-fault" divorce state.

How long after a spouse leaves can abandoment divorce be in SC?

SC allows for divorce on the grounds of "willful desertion for one year"

Wife leaves with the child then files divorce papers?

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What are the countries that is allowing divorce?

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If the husband leaves can wife marry again?

The wife must obtain a divorce.

A father dies in Alabama has a will leaves house to daughter and girlfirend daughter daughter lives in house is exempt from paying taxes and daughter payes girlfriend half of payes who own house?

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What do you do if your wife leaves to go over to another mans place with your daughter?

If this man is just a friend of hers there is nothing wrong with it. If you feel she is having an affair with him then you have the right to have her leave your daughter at home. If you decide to separate or get a divorce and retain a lawyer her actions will help you with sole custody of your daughter should you require it, but, it's better to let the child see both parents if possible. Communication is the key to most problems so send your daughter to grandparents or a family member overnight and then start communicating with your wife and listen to what she has to say. If you don't like what you hear then you should warn her you refuse to put up with her actions and you are immediately going to stop her from take your daughter to with her when she sees this man and, you will file for divorce.

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What can one do if their spouse leaves the home. Can he or she file for divorce?

Your spouse walked out, and you'd like to file for divorce? "Abandonment" is grounds for divorce in any of the "fault" states. The essential procedure is to publish a notice of intent to divorce in the paper for one month. If it hasn't been answered by then, you file for divorce and it's granted. I recommend changing the doorlocks.

What happens if your husband leaves you but won't divorce you?

United StatesThen you must consult with a good attorney and you must divorce him. He cannot keep you a prisoner within your marriage. You should act ASAP.

If a husband leaves everything to his wife in his will and they get divorced but the will does not change does she still get everything?

No. Generally, in the United States, a legal divorce nullifies any provisions made for a spouse in a will that was written prior to the divorce unless the will specifically states it will remain effective in the case of a divorce.

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