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I think you should look at all the possible reasons why she thinks you do not trust her. For example, do you follow her to places she wants to go alone? If you do, stop going to places with her. At first just a couple times, go with her. Then, you will realize she's not doing anything. As you do this, go with her less and less. You will understand, over time, she is not wanting to upset you but may feel you are suffocating her. All she wants to do is have some space to herself. There are the questions. Make her feel like she is having a conversation, not interrogate her. Start with you. It's improper but that's what you have to do until she knows you are giving her nothing but love. She is your number one, on top of the world, with only you. I think you should really sit down and explain to her why you ask her about her day. Is it because you really are interested in her...or is it because you don't trust her. If you keep asking questions and she gets mad, maybe you should lay off a little bit and let her know that you trust her by your actions. But also let her know the only reason you do ask is because you care, and are truly interested. Has she ever given you any reason not to trust her? If not, and I know this is hard to do if you are young, but give her a little more space and find something you can do without her, like going out with the guys to a show or a game. Then maybe the two of you can talk about your night out. Also, it wouldn't hurt to buy her a little souvenier at a game or even some candy if she likes it . You can then tell her you were thinking of her when you saw it in the vending machine. Sometimes you have to give them a little extra TLC. It may help your situation by letting her see you in a different light.

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