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If your housing complex does not let you put up a dish you can take certain measures to counter this. But it will require some effort on your part and also some money.

The first thing to know is that it is illegal for your complex committee to stop you from putting up a satellite dish. So if you do want legal recourse, the law will be on your side. But this will not come cheap to you as you will have to pay the lawyer�s fees that could set you back by quite a bit. You could try to scare your complex committee people by telling them that you are not averse to taking legal action and that if you do decide to go ahead, they WILL LOSE and might even end up paying your expenses along with their own.

If you must file a legal case, then you can take the help of ASTA (The American Satellite Television Alliance) who have very efficient deals to help you prepare your case and win it. ASTA even provides you with all the necessary information for a small fee. Many people have used the information given by ASTA as well as their services to successfully get their satellite dish put up.

In case you do not want to go the legal way and do not want to spend your time and money in this pursuit, then too you can do certain things to get your dish. You could hide it or even disguise it. There are many satellite dishes available for this express purpose. You can get one that looks like a beach umbrella or even one which has a covering and looks like a plain old shed. The latter is also advisable as dishes should be covered in some way to protect them from the natural elements.

If you are still looking for a place and not yet bought one, then it would be better to first enquire into this and then make a decision accordingly, if a satellite dish is that important to you.

AnswerSimple as this man don't listen to the guy or gal above just go with cable because a corporate satellite installer will not install a satellite and if u do it yourself and need help charges start @ 90 bux an hour man so I wouldn't

(dishnet installer)icetiger2005

AnswerThere ARE laws that can help you. Just have your complex owner read the "OTARD" rules, in section 207 of the "Telecommunications Act" (1996) OTARD (Off The Air Reception Devices) rules supercede ALL local zoning regulations. Dishes must be under 1 meter in size to be included in this, any size in Alaska. There is alot of good Q&A of this rule here ---> In 1999 the rule was ammended to include condos & rental property where the renter has an 'exclusive use area' like a balcony or patio. In 2000 the rule added transmit antennas to it. (such as internet access) I have done quite a few installs at rental units, the worst part is usually trying to locate a proper ground to gnd the dish & coaxial cable nearby the unit, this 'could' run into extra expense, I have had to run over 300 feet of cable to do this, as with most companies, there is usually extra charges for cable runs over 150', & possibility of a needed line amp. BTW, I wouldn't advise being a jerk about having one installed, they can find a way to kick ya out if they really want to, but let the owner or caretaker know that there is such laws, they may not be aware of it! they can keep ya from drilling holes & putting bolts in the roof & walls, but there is ways to git the cable in without drilling, such as 'flat' coaxial cable that windows & doors can close on, they are inexpensive. I suggest installers do as I do, have the owner "OK" on paper BEFORE-hand! that way, the installer has his butt covered if he says you can drill hole(s) & then later says he didnt. Safety & property damage is of major concern to all. Hope this is helpful... 223
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Q: What can you do if your housing complex does not allow a satellite dish?
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