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You can ask them for one, but honestly, if it runs and gets you from place to place, it's a satisfactory vehicle. Life is full of little inconveniences; it's best to learn to deal with them.

2006-07-27 11:25:50
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Q: What can you do if your insurance company is supposed to give you a 'fair and comparable' vehicle while yours is being repaired but you do not think what they give you is comparable?
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Teen in ca totals mother's car mom has no insurance on minor but on the car will the car get repaired by the insurance company?

Only if the insurance company believes it was your mom driving at the time.

Where can you get homeowners insurance for a home that has had a fire?

If the fire damage has been repaired, you can get homeowners insurance from any company of your choosing.

Will an insurance company insure a home that had a fire and it not repaired yet?

No Way. Just like an auto insurance company writing full coverage on a wrecked automobile.

Why will insurance company not test drive my auto which is being repaired?

Insurance co. are not required to test drive any vehicle.

Does the insurance company pay the person even if they do not get their car repaired?

Yes, because they incurred the loss.

Your car was recently totaled by insurance company can you buy it back from the insurance company?

I totaled my Mustang and was able to buy it back from the insurance company. They gave me the Blue-Book value less my $500 deductable. They would not insure it after I repaired it, I had to switch insurance carriers to get coverage.

If a car was totaled by the insurance company after it was repaired per the insurance company what is owed for a voluntary repossession?

In most states, you will owe whats left owing after the ins. co. pays.

How do I get my car repaired if the person who hit my car isn't insured?

Have your car repaired through your Insurance Company on your policy. It is then their task to obtain the costs from the person that hit you.

Can you get liability insurance on your car if the insurance company totals it?

Normally yes. Some companies may require proof that you have repaired the car and it is road-worthy.

Who makes the commercial about the leaky dam trying to be repaired with a wad of gum?

Some insurance company. I forget what they are called.

Is Tesco car insurance comparable to Geico?

Tesco, like Geico, is an insurance provider. Tesco, however is a UK company and as far as I know is only available in the UK. I would imagine they are comparable in that they want to be competitive and offer the same type of product.

When you are not at fault for an accident does the insurance company owe for a comparable rental vehicle?

They owe you for a rental vehicle, but it does not necessarily have to be, "comparable". It depends on the state. Some states will require that the vehicle have the same seating capacity, while others require that they only provide you with basic transportation. The type of vehicle is not a factor, so if you drive a Lexus, don't expect the insurance company to rent you another Lexus. Check with your state's Department of Insurance to see what the insurance company is required to provide you with.

How much of the rental is the insurance company liable for if their policy holder is at fault?

The insurance company is GENERALLY responsible for 100% of a rental to provide basic transportation or transportation that was of similar size to what was wrecked WHILE YOUR CAR IS BEING REPAIRED! Once the car is repaired, or once your car is written off and a check is given to you so that you can get a replacment car, the insurance company is no longer responsible. These are general guidlines and may vary in your state.

Can you turn down a total by the insurance company and pay to have your car repaired by myself and still have car insurance?

Yeah, there should be no problem cancelling a claim on your insurance if it isn't under way already.

Does insurance company have to pay mortgage if house fire?

NO, not unless it is a total loss. If your house is being repaired by your insurance policy you must continue to make your mortgage payments.

Will a insurance company pay for the damages done to your car by someone who stole it?

Insurance is supposed to return the car to the condition it was before it was stolen.

What does an insurance company owe if you have a damaged car you can fix yourself?

An insurance company would owe you what it would cost to have a mechanic/body shop repair the car. You have the option to keep the money or pay to get it repaired. If you are talking about your own insurance company then your deductible would come out of any amount paid if you have full coverage.

Will an insurance company send a check to you instead of the body shop?

The only way is if there is not a lien on the car. The reason being is to insure that the finance company is protected in case you decide not to have it repaired.

Does Allstate Insurance Company offer car repair insurance?

Depending on the coverage plan, Allstate Insurance can cover car repair costs. They can also cover rental car costs while your car is being repaired.

How will the brake line repair cost impact my insurance rate?

The insurance wreck does not go up because of your accident to get repairs on your vehicle. Your insurance increasing only when you are at fault. If you weren't at fault then you pay the deductible and your insurance company would fight for you to get it repaired.

If you are in an accident and the other driver says you were at fault does this mean your car will not be repaired by your or their insurance?

No, if you have the right coverage (collision) your company will still pay for your car.

Who is supposed to take out the correct amount for unemployment insurance?

No one takes unemployment insurance out of a paycheck. That money for the insurance is paid by the employer, not the employee. The correct amount depends on the size of the company.

Is there a such life insurance company as federal life insurance company?

There is an insurance company called Federal Life Insurance Company.

What are tied shops?

It is when an insurance company owns or derives some income in an auto body repair shop and then requires their customers to have their cars repaired at that shop.

Can you keep your hail insurance claim money?

The insurance co. has contractual obligation to pay for your damages. It's up to you to fix your car. <><><> If you are still paying for the car, the finance company will require that you have the damages repaired.