What can you do if your neighbor keeps your cat in their garden by offering food even though you've asked them not too?

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Keep asking the neighbour. You can put a collar on your cat that has "Do Not Feed" or "On Special Diet" or something similar on the tag or on the collar itself.
Sadly, it is not against the law to feed another person's cat. You may need to work with your neighbour to try and sort out the problem. If you can, maybe keeping your cat inside is one option that will stop your cat from eating any food that is left out by others.
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How can you keep your neighbors' cats out of your garden?

Repellent plants are practical if they will grow in your area. You can also put up a fence, even a low, decorative one, and run a low-voltage hot wire around the top. You can get a pet-voltage box that will not injure an animal, and the wire itself, at pretty much any hardware store. After getting s ( Full Answer )

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Call your SPCA or ASPCA. This is exactly what one previous post was all about ... how owners handle their dogs, especially the large breeds. Rotties get a bad enough rap without a bad dog owner allowing this behavior. The dogs are not at fault, the owner is! That is your private property and if she ( Full Answer )

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How can you keep your neighbours' cats out of your garden?

If you have a cat problem, you could try a fence, or a dog but this isn't always the best solution. Cats will surely come over a fence if they want to. And dogs can't be outside 24 / 7.... Spray with Liquid Fence Dog and Cat Repellent to keep your pets, or your neighbors pets at bay. It is all natu ( Full Answer )

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How can you keep a cat from pooping in the flower garden?

This is a very difficult problem, and the answer depends on how determined that cat is. For example, a cat that lives in an apartment around which there is only a small patch of garden nearby to act as a litter box, that cat will be very determined to poop in it. Some things you can try are:. place ( Full Answer )

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The short answer is, cross your fingers and pray. Feral cats are present throughout the country and can (and do) go everywhere. There are some products on the market designed to repel cats from a particular area; check the Home & Garden department of your local superstore (WalMart, KMart, Target, et ( Full Answer )

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there is one this you can do. go to your petstore, ask for something that will keep your cat away. they will probobly give you something that makes a loud noise when your cat is near by ur plant. or it will sqirt ur cat will a little water

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The most effective repellent would be a dog, But if you don't have one, or are no t planning on getting one, then here are some tips to keep those pesky felines away!. 1. Don't leave bare soil open, put some mulch down and cover that up, cats seem to love laying in fresh soil. 2. Try to keep a ( Full Answer )

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Can I kill my neighbors' cat when it poops in my garden?

No, you cannot kill a cat, especially if it's someone's pet. At the very least you can get fined or serve time in jail. Try to find ways of making the garden less appealing to the cat, or even talk to your neighbour about it. There are many ways and methods without resorting to murdering an innocent ( Full Answer )

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How do you keep cats from poohing in garden?

Any outdoor cat or cat with access to the outdoors will use soil as a pet waste depository. It's the natural place for this purpose: the kit learned it from its mum. You can prevent this behaviour by fencing off the area so that cats have no access to it.

How can you keep cats from going in the garden?

You didn't say whether the cats going into the garden are your own cats or some other neighborhood cats. To keep out neighborhood cats, use a fence. To keep your own cats out of the garden, a closed door should work. Of course, fencing in your garden can be expensive, so perhaps this solution does ( Full Answer )