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What can you do if your parents think that you are dating someone when you are not?


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find a way to prove them that your not maybe by telling a friend or relative to help explain that you truly are not (:

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tell it in a nice way that you already dating someone ^_^

dont go behind their back.jus be honest.tell them you know that you like this person and you think think they should give them a chance because they mean a lot to you.

Just tell them that you need to talk to them, and that what you are about to tell them that they shouldn't get mad at you because you have your agency to do what you want and then tell them you were dating someone.

yes i do love someone. but i think bout date other people sometime.

I think she dated someone named Bob...

Casually walk up to them, and just start talking about him, they'll ask who is this boy, and you'd say your dating him, and if you like him you do.

ony if you sleep with them and your parents dont approve of them if your parents do approve of them then is is perfactly legal

Learn about her family traditions and background and approach her father about dating his daughter, I think it will please him that someone respects him that way.

shes dating a 27 year old i dont think he's famous though

only if the parents turn you in. you are a legal adult dating a minor. if the parents don't approve and you two do "something" you could be turned in.

move in,marry,become intimate,meet parents

nobody knows. really! but lots of people think hes secretly dating "kristen stewart"

I don't think that there's any law against dating at any age, but your parents may not like it. I hope that this helped.

i dont think so i think all of the meembers of jls are single -princess shania

Yes he is dating a baseball player i think im not sure what she dose but i know he is dating someone that sucks cause he is hot!

I think Katie and Kyle are a super ugly couple I mean theyh are both dating someone else to and they are still dating each other? SICKO'S

I don't think you can forget about someone you love.They're always going to be in your heart.The only solution there is, is to just not think about him/her and start dating new people.

11 years old is far too young to be seriously dating. There is a difference between going to a movie or seeing a young man off and on casually. Stop steady dating! You already know what your parents are going to tell you.


Just flat out ask your bf/gf if you are dating!

You should tell your parents that you think you should be able to date when you think you are old enough.

No, he doesn;t like you that's why he's dating someone else. But, he does think your a great person to talk to and that's why he calls you.

There is no such law regarding dating, this is where your parents are the law. They decide who you are allowed to see. For a sexual relationship you have to be 16 by law.

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