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How old is he? If he's only about 2 years old, that would mean he's doing good and will probably catch on pretty soon. OK, then he's a bit behind the curve, but still has time before kindergarden. What seems to be working for my grandson is a simple bribe. They bought a set of animal stamps and when he goes, he gets to have a lion or giraffe stamped on his arm or tummy. Be patient. Keep telling him to go. He'll eventually do it on his own. He really will. My son, who is 6, still has to be reminded to use the rest room on occassion, especially when he is engrossed in what he is playing with. Each child is different, and will learn and understand the concept of going on his/her own at their own pace. Until then, gental encouragement.

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Q: What can you do if your son goes to the bathroom when told to but does not go on his own?
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