What can you do if your spouse does not want to end his emotional affair?

  • If you did everything you know and tried to make some sense towards your husbands problem, I think it's time for you to let him go. Even if he change and God knows it might take a long time, how can you live with a man that you called husband if all he wants is to be with this woman. You are the wife but it looks like you are the mistress with his attitude. Let him go and get a divorce and move on.
  • Humans are not perfect and when two people get married they should love and honor each other and try to communicate between each other to resolve any problems in the marriage. Marriage does not come with a book of instructions so there will be some bumpy patches in everyone's marriage. If your husband's affair was not a common practice by him and he slipped up once then you both should seek marriage counseling and try to save the marriage. Too many married couples hit a bumpy patch and want to bail out of their marriage far too quickly. When a spouse loses interest in their spouse often it is because there is no communications (able to discuss problems; how each of the partners feel about certain issues) and try to resolve the problems. Those who walk away from a marriage without trying to a point have no staying power. Start talking to your husband and if he is not willing to seek marriage counseling then separate from him first so he will know what it is like not having you around and perhaps he will realize how much he loves you. All humans do not know themselves 100% and therefore make mistakes, but hopefully learn from them.