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What can you do if your two and a half year old goes to bed between 8 and 9 but wakes up around 1 crying hysterically off and on until about 4?


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2004-11-21 20:29:56
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First, have them evaluated for night terrors by a licensed psychiatrist. If they have night terrors, they are half awake, half asleep, which for a child is very very frightening. You may or may not be able to console them. If it is not night terrors, put them to bed later, make sure they're not hungry or have to use the bathroom, etc. After that, let them cry, so they learn that you are in charge, not them. Don't get me wrong. Tend to their needs, but if this is just simple manipulation (mommy or daddy individual time every night), you need to send a clear message by ignoring that behavior.


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