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What can you do if your wife has chosen to live with her mother instead of you?

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It's okay man she just thinks your not good enough. Maybe it is just the stress of staying with family. Sit her down with just the two of you and talk things out. If she does not want to do that then suggest you both see a marriage counselor. Good luck and God Bless:) I have no idea what your circumstances are, but both of you need a small place of your own and more privacy. That's all that is wrong with your spouse. The old saying "two women in one kitchen is trouble!" You hold the key as to why your wife has decided to live with her mother instead of you. There are obviously marriage problems that the two of you can't seem to communicate on. Time for you to grow up! Your wife is just not a 'cook and bottle washer', but a person! She has intelligence, hopes and dreams and sometimes would like some attention from her husband or perhaps a little help around the house. You both are suppose to be working as a team. You should take time out for yourself and figure out where you may have gone wrong or, it's possible she relied on her mother too much and isn't working things out with you. Once you have thought about things then call her and see if she'll meet you for a cup of coffee and talk things out. No one said marriage was a bed of roses, but if you practice good communication skills then your marriage will be a lot stronger for it.

2008-02-12 21:27:27
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