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She may be just making a statement to you and for one to feel this way is quite normal throughout our lives. Sometimes a person can be very much in love with someone, but they just get a feeling their life is missing something and just can't seem to put their finger on it. It could be career related, or perhaps they want to travel and it doesn't always mean that the boyfriend is part of the problem. Go for a nice long walk and discuss this with her. Try to help her figure it out. Perhaps she is getting pressure to do something with her life career wise and she just can't make up her mind. The educational system (at least here in Canada) puts a lot of pressure on young students expecting them to know what they want to be when they grow up. It can take several years to figure that one out. Communication is everything in a relationship so have that talk with her, really listen to what she is saying and help her in any way you can. If you feel she doesn't want to go steady with you then simply ask her that question. Hopefully you aren't part of her problem.

2006-08-22 17:14:13
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