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In Canada
You can go to the Vancouver Aquarium YAY

Aside from that answer above, there is a countless number of activities to do in Canada. The vast size and diversity of the country allows for basically everything for everyone!

This is a great website to find things that may interest you!


Also you can go to Canada's Wonderland, in Toronto, which is great for kids!
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How do you get to Canada?

You can drive, fly or even take a boat!. Theres also walking or a train!

What is Canada?

Canada is a country north of the United States, with a population of around 40 Million. It is the 2nd Largest Country in the World, and a Member of The Commonwealth, NATO, NAFTA, and the United Nations.

When did Canada become Canada?

July 1 , 1867 Before that, the land Canada was named Canada after the Iroquois word 'kanata' or village, when in the 16th century Jacques Cartier's party from France took the word to mean the land at which they had arrived. A colony named Canada was established in 1534 as one of 5 colonies of ( Full Answer )

Why is the Canada goose a symbol for Canada?

The Canadian Goose is a symbol of Canada because Canada has always had the most Canadian Geese in all of the world. People decided that Canada should have symbols and one of them was the Canadian Goose because we thought they were noble and loyal to us and people of Canada!and im a noob ts a loon du ( Full Answer )

When was Canada named Canada?

It happened when European explorers confused the meaning of the Native word Canada, which means "the village." The thought the word represented the name of the land.

Where is Canada?

Canada is directly north of the United States, in North America. Tothe EASTTT of Canada is the Atlantic Ocean, to the West is thePacific Ocean, and to the north is the Arctic Ocean. Canada is tothe Southwest of Greenland. The country of Canada is located north of the United States. Thislarge country ( Full Answer )

How can you go to Canada. You love Canada?

Just fly there in a airplane and then you are in Canada, walk across, drive across, swim into, boat into it, balloon into it or come down in a rocket capsule or a UFO, entry by a foreign national for more than a visit without authorization is a criminal offense. If you want in, make a proper applica ( Full Answer )

Why is Canada named Canada?

During Jacques Cartier's 1535 expedition up the St. Lawrence River, the Iroquois pointed to a route to the village of the Stadacona (Quebec City) using the word "kanata" which meant village. Cartier used "Canada" in referring to the village of the Stadacona and the areas north. In fact, the St. Lawr ( Full Answer )

Why was Canada called the Dominion of Canada?

The following answer is wrong: The original of title of Canada, wasto be the " Kingdom of Canada ". Our first Prime Minister ofCanada who was Sir John. A MacDonald wished for our new nation tobe called the Kingdom of Canada . However, duringthe American revolution, the monarch did not want to offen ( Full Answer )

What makes Canada Canada?

Everything from our culture to our history to our politics to our economy, etc. Try looking up Canada in Wikipedia.

What was Canada called before it was Canada?

Originally, Canada was home to the First Nations, who each had their own names for the land. However, they did not have a concept of property possession and country in the same way as later European explorers and settlers. Then, along came the settlers, Jacques Cartier, Champlain, etc. They landed ( Full Answer )

Why is the Canada goose important to Canada?

The Canada Goose is important because it is a native bird. Like the loon, they play an important role in Canada's tourism industry. They are seen all around Canada, as they migrate to Canada every spring to lay their eggs. We respect them because even though they are not our national bird, they are ( Full Answer )

Can you get this in Canada?

If you're asking if people from Canada can ask and answer question on this site, it's a yes.

When is Canada day in Canada?

Canada day is July 1st.Canada became one country on July 1st 1867. Hence Canada Day, July 1st.

Why is the Canada goose a symbol of Canada?

It's native to arctic and temperate regions of North America and it is occasionally found in northern Europe, and has been introduced to other temperate regions.

What is there to do in Canada?

About as much to do as in any other place in the world. Lots of tourism in the maritimes, and central canada. Camping throughout the west. Sports venues. about anything you can imagine Depends on where you go in Canada, Ontario has Niagara Falls, Toronto, CN tower..... ect...I'm an Ontarioian! ;)

Why is Canada canlled Canada?

The name Canada comes from a St. Lawrence Iroquoian word, kanata , meaning "village" or "settlement".

Why was Canada named Canada?

Canada was named Canada because Jacques Cartier of exploring fame asked of a village called Stadacona and the Iroquois villagers pointed in its direction, saying "kanata", meaning ether "over there" or "village".

How do get to Canada?

It all depends on where you are. If you're coming from the northern US or Alaska, you can probably drive to the border. There are ferries from New England to the Maritimes (Canadian coastal provinces). Otherwise, you will need to fly. The majority of flights land in Toronto (Ontario), Vancouver ( Full Answer )

What was Canada called before Canada?

Originally, Canada was home to the First Nations, who each had their own names for the land. However, they did not have a concept of property possession and country in the same way as later European explorers and settlers. Then, along came the settlers, Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain, etc. ( Full Answer )

What Canada was called before it was Canada?

Originally, Canada was home to the First Nations, who each had their own names for the land. However, they did not have a concept of property possession and country in the same way as later European explorers and settlers. Then, along came the settlers, Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain, etc. ( Full Answer )

How did Canada become Canada?

Originally the explorers who had discovered Canada where actually looking for India, but ended up in Canada. That's why the first nations where first called Indians. Later when Sir.John A Macdonald, the first government of Canada decided to build a railway, and sold a whole acre for 10 cents back th ( Full Answer )

How was Canada named Canada?

Canada (kanata) is a Native word meaning village. It is thought that early explorers misinterpreted and thought the Natives were referring to the Countryside (land) and not the village. Canada was first a French Colony and later two British Colonies, Upper and Lower Canada. This later changed to ( Full Answer )

What does Canada do during Canada Day?

Nothing actually. However, Canadians celebrate Canada Day by having picnics, BBQs, family reunions and gatherings of the clan, summer fun activities for families, and of course, regional parades, fairs and festivals. Here in South Korea we Canadians get together to celebrate our National Day w ( Full Answer )

Where in Canada does the Canada lynx live?

The Canada Lynx is found in northern forests across almost all of Canada. It is, however, absent in the relatively treeless regions of the Great Plains and the northern coasts, which are outside the natural range of the snowshoe hare. It is no longer found in Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island, due ( Full Answer )

Where did Canada become Canada?

Canada was the very first country to be created by legislation. Prior to Confederation, there were several British colonies in the region that is now Canada. These British colonies wanted to achieve self-government, but at the same time remain loyal to the Crown. The result, after several Confere ( Full Answer )

Are Canada geese from Canada?

Yes. The Canada Goose ( Branta canadensis ) are native to North America, specifically Canada and the northern United States. Though some subspecies can be found in northern Europe (where some migrate naturally) and New Zealand (where they were introduced for hunting and are now and invasive species ( Full Answer )

How is Canada connected to Canada?

Upper Canada and Lower Canada were British Colonies. They were united in 1841 as one colony called the Province of Canada. When Canada was created on July 1, 1867, the Province of Canada was divided into the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. They joined with the British colonies of New Brunswick an ( Full Answer )

Why are the Canada geese important to Canada?

The Canada goose is not considered "important" in Canada. In fact, we consider it to be a pest in most of the country. Canada Geese were considered important because at one point they almost became extinct. This possibility of extinction lead to the Migratory Bird Act in which the Canadas are still ( Full Answer )

Why did Canada pick Canada flag?

The current Canadian flag, known as the Maple Leaf or l'Unifolie, was chosen by the Special Flag Committee after a nationwide contest to replace the Canadian Red Ensign. The flag, designed by a historian named George Stanley, was selected after a unanimous vote by the Special Flag Committee on Oct ( Full Answer )

How can you get a will in Canada?

Each province is different. You could check a website for the provincial government that you live in to see if a holograph will is acceptable. That is one that you write yourself, in your own handwriting. There are also will kits available, often at bookstores. Of course, to cover all bases, go to a ( Full Answer )

Where does air Canada fly in Canada?

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, St. John's, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Ottawa, Regina, Victoria, Whitehorse, Deer Lake, London (ON), Gander, Fort McMurray, Quebec City, and many other places that Air Canada Jazz serves.

Why is Canada Day important to Canada?

Canada Day, celebrated on July 1, is the anniversary of the creation of Canada on July 1, 1867. Canada was created by the British North America Act , thereby becoming the first country to be created by legislation.

How do you get into Canada?

To enter Canada, first check the visa requirements for your country at "international.gc.ca" . Citizens of some nations (such as Mexico and the Czech Republic) require a visitor visa to enter Canada. Next: make sure that you have a valid passport, as all foreign nationals entering Canada are recom ( Full Answer )

Why did they name Canada Canada?

The word Canada was originally thought to have come from the Mohawk work "Kanata" which means "settlement" and was what many native groups called Canada. However there is evidence that the word may have come from Iroquoian word "Canada" which means the same thing as "Kanata"

Why is Canada name Canada?

in 1535, Jacques Cartier went down the St. Lawrence River. As he did the Iroquois pointed out the route to a the village of Stadacona, (Now Quebec City) and used the word "kanata," their word for village. Cartier then started using the word Canada to describe the settlement of Stadacona and the land ( Full Answer )

Can you divorce in Canada when you are not a resident of Canada?

In general, yes. Note, this question may stem from a legal gap, where previously marriages performed in Canada to non-residents whose marriages might not be recognized in their state of residence were not definitely recognized in Canada (eg, marriage of a woman in the US to a woman in Britain). T ( Full Answer )

Why do people in Canada celebrate Canada?

Because we like to be proud of our country. Actually most Canadians have not thought of this question. Canada is a Confederation of many Nations and cultures and as a result there is no one Canada to be celebrated. When Canadians celebrate Canada, like they do on Canada day, it is their own Canada ( Full Answer )

When did dominion of Canada change to Canada?

Canada officially became a country on July 1, 1867. The term "Dominion" is simply a historical reference to Section 3 of the British North America Act: "one dominion under the name of Canada". Canada was never known officially as "The Dominion of Canada". It found its way into popular venues such as ( Full Answer )

What is the reason for naming Canada Canada?

When the Indians first settled into Canada, they thought it was the biggest village they had ever seen, so they named it "big village". If you translate Big Village into Indian, it roughly means Canada.

How can you get to Canada?

Lots of ways! The most economical and environmentally friendly way would depend on where you are travelling form though. Canada is home to over 500 airports, so flying is a popular and easy choice. You can also travel by car, train or boat. Hope that helps!

How many provenses are in Canada Canada?

The ten provinces of Canada are as follows . Alberta . British Columbia . Manitoba . New Brunswick . Newfoundland and Labrador . Nova Scotia . Ontario . Prince Edward Island . Quebec . Saskatchewan . The three territories of Canada are as follows: . North west Territories . Nunavut . ( Full Answer )

Why was Canada called upper Canada?

What is actually Ontario was called Upper Canada. Upper Canada because it was located upstream St. Lawrence river.Lower Canada was downstream St. Lawrence.

Does Canada trade with Canada?

Yes. The Provinces own the resources and they have to trade among themselves and with Canada. Though for many things it is easier to trade with the USA than other provinces.

Where are Canada troops besides in Canada?

Our largest current deployment is in Afghanistan Canada is there supplying training and development to National forces. Our next largest would be sea deployment, which includes patrols of Canadian waters and international waters. Other locations include: Sinai Peninsula, Jerusalem, Republic of So ( Full Answer )

Upper Canada lower Canada?

The Canadas is the collective name for Upper Canada and LowerCanada, two British historical colonies in present-day Canada. They wereboth created by the Constitutional Act of 1791 and abolished in1841 with the union of Upper and Lower Canada.The Act divided theProvince of Quebec into Lower Cana ( Full Answer )