What can you do in Italy?

You can do many things in Italy. The main tourist attraction is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. You should definitely visit that. Also be sure to try some of their pizza and pasta for an original taste. Make sure you pick up some neat clothes, also.

Rome, Italy's capital, is loaded with things to do and see. Make sure you visit them all, you'll love it. Some places to get you started are: The Colosseum/Vatican/Spanish Steps/Trevi Fountain/St. Peter's Basilica/Sistine Chapel... these are just a few, there's so much more and you can't see/do all in a week. Try and go for at least a month... if that's not possible, no less than 2 weeks. Seriously, you won't ever get bored. Rome is so beautiful and loaded with culture. Forget renting a car, it's so much more fun exploring on foot, which is the best/fun part. Just make sure you don't go in the winter or summer months, unless you love it super cold/hot.