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Can you have secret bases in Pokemon FireRed?


Is there any hiding places in Pokemon?

There are secret bases in Pokémon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald. In Diamond Pearl and Platinum, you have underground bases.

Are there secret bases?

Yes - it's called Area 51! But as secret bases go, an awful lot of people seem to know about it... (Õ.ô)

Are there secret bases underground where humans are kept and killed?


Are there any secret bases in Pokemon LeafGreen?

of course

How do you open up secret bases in Pokemon Emerald?

all u hav to do is use secret power =)

What are holes in the walls in Pokemon emerald?

they are secret bases you need to teach a Pokemon secret power first to use them

What are the small indents in the wall for on Pokemon emerald?

Those are secret bases to create one use the move secret power.

How do you move big boulders in secret bases?

You need to steal the flag out of your friend's Secret Base underground, then go up to the PC.

Is there a Pokemon diamond action replay code for unlimited secret bases?


Pokemon Emerald secret bases furniture?


Where are secret bases in Pokemon platinum?

mine is directly below the hallowed tower

Where can you put plants in Pokemon emerald?

You can put plants in your secret bases in emerald

What bases make up the right side of a DNA molecule?

i know the answer but its a secret

What can secret power do?

Secret power can make secret bases for you find a tree or bush or indent in a wall then use secret power on it and inside is a base this is a place where you can decorate and customize your own place! Also if you mix records with other ruby and sapphire and emerald games you can battle other peoples secret bases! Secret power also can inflict opponents Pokemon with poison, flinch, parlyze, sleep, and can lower stats like speed.

How do you get secret bases on pokemon emerald?

Traveling north on route 111 (north of the desert), you should see a boy (man?) looking at a tree. He will give you the TM for Secret Power. Give secert power to a pokemon and now you should be able to make secret bases! Now simply look at any large tree, bush, or cracked wall and use secret power! And there you have it. Your own secret base.

Where do you find the TM secret power in Pokemon omega ruby?

You can find the TM Secret Power by a man named Aarune. He is located in Route 111, where he will first introduce you to Super Secret Bases.

When can you create a secret base in emerald version?

Loose trees, dents in rocks, and piles of grass are where you can build secret bases in Pokemon Emerald Version.

How do you cover up hole in your base in pokemon?

There are secret base items called solid boards that you can use to cover those pesky holes in secret bases.

What are all the indents in the wall for in Pokemon emerald?

Those are secret bases. Just like those big trees. You need Secret Power to activate it though.

How do you find a person underground in Pokemon diamond?

If you are referring to secret bases, then a WiFi connection is needed.

Where to use the secret power to make a secret base in sapphire?

Around hoenn there are trees and bushes and little indents on walls on rocks these are secret bases use secret power on a tree with vines on it or on a big pile of grass or the little indents and you will open a hole when you go inside this is your secret base.

Remove boulders in secret bases on Pokemon Diamond?

You have to meet other people and take their flags in the Underground.

Can you build a hideout in Pokemon FireRed?

no sorry that's only in hoen. you make secret bases in hoen

Which is the best place to train in emerald?

Other than secret bases the best spot is the Pokemon league.