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Put the filter system on the ground where it cannot possibly fall into the pool. Also have the system run through a GFCI circuit. GFCI outlet... does that stop the flow of electricity when the filter hits the water? I was thinking more along the lines of rambunctious idiotic teenagers throwing the unit into the pool. (God knows they've thrown everything else in there...) I think next year I'll attach it to a large board, so it isn't so maneuverable. Many thanks for your reply! Your entire pool electrical service MUST be GFCI protected according to NEC requirements. The pool should absolutely NOT be used if it's not done this way. The GFCI system is to protect lives! Humm, I cannot understand how a filter the large tank can just fall into the water. Same with the pump. ????????? Firstly, the filter has no power to it 110v 220v or otherwise.

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Q: What can you do to avert a hazard with an above ground pool and an attached electrical 240v pool filter system if the filter falls into the water?
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