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Try 24 hr filter cycle and more chlorine. And clean the filter frequently.



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No, algae makes your pool water green. Use chlorine to kill the algae and maybe a good algaecide to keep it clear.

No because they add chemicals to the water.

Yes clear is good, it means you are healthy. If it is green/yellow that means you may have a bad cold or a sinus infection.

Bottled water is actually more good for you than tap water is because when bottled water is checked for germs they dont use chemicals to extract it. In tap water they use mild toxic chemicals to extract germs and bacteria.

Good dirt and water. No chemicals or pesticides.

Water having a polar molecule is a very good solvent.

water quantity is how much water and water quality is how good the water is, like is it clear and taste good.

Not all clear water is good for drinking because there could be many microorganisms which we cannot see in our naked eye.

Soda is composed of water and other chemicals. These other chemicals have low evaporation rates and are good thermal conductors. The result is that soda will evaporate slower than water.Some chemicals in soda will not evaporate under room temperature, or even at the boiling point of water.

Normally when your Urine is clear, it means that a good amount of Water, or H2o, is circulating your body.

let's sayI'm in science , i have beaker A filled with chemicals. And I have beaker B also with chemicals , and myHYPOTHESIS is that when i join them they will create green.-mixing chemicals-my hypothesis was wrong , they turned purple.a hypothesis is a good educated guess at something.

Usually tap water contains iron, zinc and fluroide, The government adds these chemicals to the water to increase iron and zinc rates within the bodies and because fluroide is good for the teeth, this makes the water healthier than bottled water.

you can add them in any order but DO NOT mix the chemicals they can cause fires the best bet is to test the water see what you need and add it to the pool one at a time then retest you may have to add chemicals several times in the first week or two until you get enough of a build up to sustain a clear safe pool. good luck

Green tea is very healthy, and is very good for the metabolism. It is also very good for acne/pimples,as it has chemicals in it wjich fight against the cells that cause pimples. I am 14 and tried it myslef...its really good..drink about 2-3 mugs a day of green tea and you'll see the difference!

Take a water sample to your local pool store, and let them test it. I do this every year and they tell me exactly what chemicals I need. I buy them, usually about 100 bucks, put them in, and in a day its clear and beautiful. Its worth the 100 bucks to avoid irritation, and expense, of trial and error. Good luck!

You can remove it by buying a fish to eat it such as a Siamese Algae Eater, use a scrubber, or algae removing chemicals(don't suggest the algae chemicals). Remember, a little bit of algae is good for the tank unless it is the slimy blue-green algae.

Water is clean enough to drink when its looks very clear and tastes good.

Your pool probably has an algae issue. You can clear it up by giving it a good pool shock. Keep the pH between 7.2 - 7.4 and TA 80 - 100. Backwash twice per day until the water is clear. Vacuum and brush to loosen up any residual algae.

Water is good for the enviorment because when you drink water that is earth that you are drinking that is good for the enviorment. also that is what waters your plant your garden without water in you enviorment we would not have green in our earth.

no because they are many bad chemicals in chlorine. It will taste really bad

Tap water. Acid rain contains chemicals that are not good for plant life.

It is know drinking cabbage water helps clear the skin

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